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The Subspace Assault Expansion is proving to be the biggest patch we've ever done, and as our longer players have become fully aware of, the bigger the patch, the messier stuff gets. We're also still trying to isolate what has been causing this recent downtime. We're postponing the reset by two weeks to better test through the upcoming patch and to give ample time to fix this hardware issue that's been causing us some downtime. We will be patching live sometime in the next month as preparation for the reset.

The patch in all it's glory is currently on livetest, and the more you guys break stuff the better. If you post in our feedback threads with bugs and are pretty active in helping us out, you will get a reward on the live server (possibly even that fancy Nyan Reaver if you help us enough).

We might have some of the new content available on live prior to reset, but I don't want to say for sure as I'm not a content savvy person.

After this huge patch is out of the way we have changed some backend structure to enable us to patch way more often.

So here is your reset information!

The Universe Reset is now on June 29th at 1PM EST, expect a 15-30 minute downtime.

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Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:57 pm
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