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Post IRC Rules
Generally, these are similar to the forum rules or game chat rules, there are a few different things, so to be clear all rules will be listed.

It should be noted, that when I get around to it, my IRC bot (BobboBot) will do a lot of trivial moderation, rules to be implemented will be listed and noted on this. BobboBot will work eventually on a system of numKicks in xTime will issue you with a ban for a varying amount of time.

1- Moderation within IRC is handled by me, not Bageese. If you have an issue with a kick, ban or mute by anyone (including BobboBot), contact me via forum PM or IRC PM. Do not submit a ticket.

2- Abusing BobboBot will get you on it's ignore list. If you have an issue with BobboBot, contact me. Do not make a ticket.

4- There is no swear filter for IRC, but BobboBot will be configured to kick/ban for a few words (highly offensive/racial slurs etc).

5- Comments that discriminate against gender, sexuality, race, or religion will not be tolerated. Harassment and real life threats will not be tolerated. If a person asks you to stop, you stop.

6- (Excessive) Abusive or sexually explicit language is not allowed, this includes inappropriate nicks and linking to mature, inappropriate websites. If such a thing is posted, it was your choice to view it.

7- Languages other than English are not allowed (UrQa and Aveksaka is okay).

8- Discussion about hacking the game or cheating is not allowed.

9- Impersonating an Admin, Dev, or an operator is not allowed. Operator statuses will be given to a few active, knowledgeable users.

10- Spamming or instigating spam is not allowed. The channel has been configured to kick if a user sends more than 4 message in 5 seconds (this'll eventually be BobboBot). If you have something to paste, use or similar pasting tool!

11- It is not acceptable to hop on IRC, say something about a bug and log off. We have our ticket system and bug tracker to keep these things together in one place. Tell us on IRC and we *will* forget and it *will not* be fixed in most cases. So create a ticket at

12- Conversations about trading accounts, credits or subscriptions are not allowed on #starsonata or admin hosted channels.

13- Kicks and bans (and rarely mutes) are not to be discussed in public channels; if you have a problem with a kick, ban or mute, contact me. The same goes for complaints about operators.

14- If an operator warns you to stop a conversation before it gets out of hand then stop.

15- Consistent breaking of IRC rules will result in long bans/permanent bans/possible mute.

16- Using SS for advertising purposes is not allowed.

MemoServ is part of the IRC server for sending messages to offline users:

For generic information about IRC, and how to get on it, see here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=55465

Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:22 pm
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