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Post General Bug-Report 26-April-2021
General Bug-Report for Client and Gameplay Issues and Performance

First of all I'd like to congratulate the development team for continuing to achieve a Client thats actually managing to perform rather well on an old machine (2GHz 32bit Single); from my perspective that's an effort to be commended considering all the challanges they face relating to backwards compatability and performance!

Client does have its moments of Processor related (demand) Freezes, or Pauses, they tend to get worse over time - dock delay at player base particularly HQ's - and you only notice it on slower systems. Data Up and Down tend to continue suggesting that there is a differential between what server expects of clients performance per active second and what's been programmed for new things like fighters, missiles and engine effects (inferno lag etc).

There are times when the game itself appears to lag, you notice it on your faster newer machine as well, and yes, that's probably the dreaded server-lag that we could attribute to heaps of play or the various factors of connecting to sever from around the world.

I'm suggesting that the not so recent reworks have slowed client down when that actions happening, and server trips over itself as its expectations of clients progression wane. This is just a matter of learning how such newonces were achieved in the past and matching that prowess with the client-programming changes! And its obvious If I may say.

Data rate has always been too high with Client-2, but since the new missile reworks, and particularly the fighters buzzing around reworks, the rate skyrockets, when obviously it doesnt need to! Now this is a price to a degree for all that manouvering action - that's why they kept things simple in the past (old fighter behaviours!) to keep the rate down, but obviuosly the truth is that once again learning how old data-comms efficiencys were achieved applied today would reduce the rate and cost! Important for those on metered connections like so many of us.

The other thing that happens with these new not-so-efficient comms reworks is that once again the server expects client to progress, but it doesnt as much, and in a squad for example, especially on an older system, the game degenerates down to less than a frame a second on a machine that could have MC's 6 SS1 Clients without taking a breath! And that is also obvious. So a little more attention to refining the fun new reworks would mean a solom plus for the experiences of alot of us.

I must admit that the notion of fighting an up-hill battle against bugs that introduce terrible detracting changes to our beloved game is something to be respected! I'd personally hate to have to work on that sort of thing as such patches can sometimes require a total rework of how the game does things, now if that means doing it totally different to beat the bugs, we could suffer performance issues untill such new routines are refined! QDos to the devs for trying - well done guys!

Drones appear to have a double-energy cost now - you scoup them and they charge, as they have done for ages now, but then when you go to drop them, they cost energy like they used to before that major (charge them now instead) change came in! This is terrible for lower level characters of any class as they can often be bereft without their fun drones.

Im a bit a loss to notice the loss of the old engine graphics, perhaps it was because of bugs that they had to change it (!), but it would seem that these changes have also introduced less than refined routines that also slow the client down beyond servers expectations, especially when alots happening (engine emissions) like fighting infernos with their missiles, and perhaps even when you have fighters swarming! That's my instinct on that one, although I'm not totally sure.

Ok guys - that's about all I've got for you for now.

Thanks for the great work so far, and please, give the "More Efficiency" thing a go the way they used to do it, you may just be pleasantly surprised at what you learn based on their old techniques, it will no doubt make for much improved client performance and gameplay for all those of us with older computers, and ofcourse, for all of those wanting to mc on new ones and/or do other things.



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Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:52 pm
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