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Post Developmental Shortsightedness and Neglect
Developmental Shortsightedness and Neglect:-

"The games a withering shadow of the complexity and playability of what it once was. I didnt pay to wait around, and I certaintly didnt pay for dissapointment, frustration, anoyance or some retards idea of brain-training!..." That's how any genuine returning P2P from SS-1 days would feel about the game now, like it or lump it!

In particular, the latest round of re-deveopment the games experiencing is a sufference in its own inpetitudes, its also an insult to all those of us that loved it for its technological attempts at accuracy, as so many statistical deviations are beyond any logical reign of true ballance.

Adding new content that is nieve in comparison to the heritage of the game while doing nothing to fix what appear to be deliberate malfunction is nothing more than an inane deterant to anyone that would want to lend their support!

Juvenile deterioration of technological accuracy's to the point of daft misconception is just laughable, and makes any past enthusiast cringe!

One of the joys of "original" SS was its prepensity for technological bias and the wonderfull extrapolation of such idealism! To have such scientific realities transfixed beyong logical understanding begs for redemption, as a result the game differs from the expected norm!

Small minded attempts at modifying the games inherant programming to the point of incumbant ineptitudes and maladjustment results in a client thats playability is misconstrude and horribly inefective. Performance attributes and elemental engagements are so piasly lost amongst the futile stupidity of typical perpetual changes, almost as if the one modifying the workings has no real understanding or awareness of the depth of details and activities that past players enjoyed!

Anyone can only hope that a mature development perspective is adopted soon, before the game and its client fall appart entirely, and that new initiative is applied with a wizdom congruent with previous particulars and uniqueness before all is lost to the ineptitudes of stupidity, wanton greed and defiant attempts at dominance of an arena meant to enthrall, not insult!

"Bring back so called C1 the way it was the day it ended and I'll resub almost imediately, as that was truly a great game, but continue to ruin SS2 like that into the future, and I'll never sub again, as its not worth a red cent!..."

A Dragon-Fly, A Bee, An Ant, A Slater-Betle; Lesser forms of life they say? Or forever destine to re-inherit the planet's!!

Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:54 am
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