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Post Beating Client/Server Bugs
Beating Client-Disruptive Bugs

Considering it would seem that Client must be "suffering" from hacks and bugs that results in comparatively significant down times, I thought I'd lend a hand in the form of principle methods to beat the "infections".

If, as a team of Developers, you have the moula to employ professionals, you get them to hunt the source of the bug and defeat its parent code, assuming you know what's being effected. But that's not always an option for an "Indy" group.

Fundamentally speaking, if you know what's "not working" or what's "got a problem" in your client with gameplay or functionality etc, there is a few methods to effectively defeat the bug's purpose!

1 - Change the Variable-Names and re-compile.

2 - If your peaking and poking (Say with MS Visual C++ etc) memory addresses, perhaps using "pointers", then simply change the memory locations AND the arrangement of the collective data-array!

3 - ReName the Functions in your Subroutines and perhaps simply re-organise the sequential progression of such routines so that when the executable is re-compiled, there is no doubt that the actuall memory mnemonics are in a different arrangement!

If you follow these basic principles, you may find, that although the bug is still "active", what its looking for and adjusting is no longer associated with what was previously a resultant problem!

HOWEVER : You may want to make sure that these previously known "problem areas" of memory are, if possible, perpetually NOP'ed, or "No Opperation'ed", or at least avoided by client, if you get what I mean!

That's the simplest way I can put it for you, and I can only hope it repairs Client for the time being, perhaps for good, so people can get back to their fav. game.


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