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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
I built a t6 base as an ftp on a single terrible planet in an otherwise empty system. The neighboring team, a new group known as Eminence Front, promised me that the system was useless and they'd leave my little base alone.

A few hours later I logged on, and Retyu had blown it up and then killed me a few dozen times.

Good times, good times.

JeffL wrote:
That's it. I quit!

Battlecruiser23 wrote:
Fuck you, Cygnus.

Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:50 pm
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
When AA was fighting an emp clone in colo. He nearly killed him then he docked in the ai base and didn't come out till his shields were full xD.

Lord Runningclam, Xen, Zeno, Rodders and the rest of the old RE gang.

Klor when he was around and leader of Aero.

Nick and rob when ELITE was around.


yellow, he was pretty funny

bencee16 in his old parsley

lots of fun times, too many to list or remember xD


Sat May 18, 2019 2:32 am
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
Brown and I getting rescued by Zeno, Matlin and Saiko after Brown told me we would be 'aight in our new EFDs down the nasty arm. Course we got pinned by a Vully, and then ai would sense blood and all come from nowhere all of a sudden, then someone would poke Vigi. happy days (pleeeaaaaassse dont aggro DC)

Wed May 22, 2019 7:36 am
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
My best memories were of being on Olympus with Caly and the gang. Then becoming a dev for this game was one of my best game dev memories, it's not often you get to work on a game you actually like. I have fond memories of creating the skill reset, towing, optimizing the simulation speed, etc, etc.

Oh yeah all those emperor runs we had were a blast, loved this game.

Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:01 pm
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
the first thing i remember doing in ss was farming the flylet broodmother for the aug. i figured out that it ai based for 1.8m per so i just kept farming the mission spawner until i made like 50m and then i left the nexus thinking i was the richest player alive lol


Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:14 am
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
Going into UZ for the first time with the people from the Quantum Reach team, that lot were hilarious over voicechat.


Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:51 pm
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
Lvl-20 f2p pvping and theory crafting w/ Mew/Sailor.
Trying to grind in a JAWS-protected w1 gal just to see what would happen.
Guy I met when I first got into nexus who was flying a bulk trader, invited me and another newbie into his team, got me into trading commods between AI stations as a way to make money, can't remember if it was good or not even at the time but it was fun.
Loading up a mastiff and trying to dock at some moving planet prior to breaks being implemented, gave up and rq'd.
There are random players I associate w/ certain ships because I seen them flying them for the first time, wex and the porpoise, CJ and parsleys, bizman and behemoths, voom and scruples.
First time I reached paxius I ran into traders/pants pvping, think that was what sold me on SS because it made it feel like a living universe unlike other MMOs I had tried.
A couple of vivid memories of times where I forgot gg, got pk'd, and had to start basically from scratch because I was too lazy to run dgs for profit and had no credits saved up.
Can still remember ~6 gals and the layout of them from my first uni, watching termites blow up bases for the first time in whatever gal was 2 jumps east of sol.
Flying around Deep Space looking for hidden stuff because I read a rumor something was there.
Still have the c1 login tune in my head, tried to find it the other day on youtube and couldn't.

and many more, been playing on + off for over half my life so i'm not even sure what counts as early anymore :(

Sun Aug 25, 2019 6:48 pm
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
I love your memories so far, bonus points for screenshots of them. I recently had someone message me on twitch saying he was one of the leaders of my first SS team and they remembered my username. Orbial Titans or something, some f2p team with a cluster of small shop bases. Those were always fun.



Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:08 pm
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
Pretty much just about everything. Talking on vent with dudes way older than I had any business talking to at 11-12 years old. Spending time with my brother. Feeling accepted in a community that had no obligation to accept me, especially as a derpy little kid.

I remember the simpler times, and I love the community still, but the nostalgia screen still has me jaded. Love seeing that this community still is alive, if only barely.


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Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:31 pm
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Post Re: Your fond early SS memories?
Geez, there have been a few good memorys...

I'd have to say the fatefull day I finally went p2p, thanks to the generosity of Gara, and got that first level-up buzz sound after about 1 year of gameplay... True joy! Realising I could FINALLY build a base somewhere and get stuck into it.. Hehehe...

The only downer was that my account join status then reverted to the day of the subscription. :-(

Other than that I'd say the other fond memory was the first time I had a Frigate (EF), Beyond that it had to be, without a doubt, the day I finally got myself my very own EF-Dread! YEAH, what a day. HEHE. I loved that!

Oh there was one time, many years later, just before all these base changes etc, when I build what resulted in a HUGE Outpost, my first "Proper" T18 (By my standards) with all sorts of sets of gear, pannels, overloaders, you name it.. Was great to be told no-one was able to "do" it.. That felt good. Good enough for me anyways, being such an avid Base'r.

Oh, I nearly forgot: Perhaps beyond anything else, the time I had many a good/great person on my team! I remember a week or so there, after a good little while, logging on to chat in Team-Chat, realising "This is the BEST... all these people onboard, standing up for team principle..." and how much FUN it was! So a big "THANKS GUYS", perhaps that alone was truly the "Best" period of time I ever had ingame!


There wouldn't be a Knight if it wasn't for the Black-Smith!

Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:06 am
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