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Post Has the game improved at all?
I'm having trouble even getting my firewall to let my download it again. Already annoyed and i havn't even logged in again. So worth coming back?

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Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:24 pm
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Post Re: Has the game improved at all?
If you really want to get a feel for the game now I'd goto the Starsonata Discord channel, this place is kind of dead.

Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:32 pm
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Post Re: Has the game improved at all?
There are almost the same number of posts in suggestions as there are in general, showing the lack of QOL, number of bugs, lack of features etc.

Check the patch notes to see the lack of progress over the last few years.

Subscriptions still the same price as something like EvE, despite this game requiring far less hardware as well as receiving magnitudes less feature updates.

Src code is, understandably, not public, but there are no simple scripts to pull from the src code to auto gen the wiki, so it's out of date to the extent that in some areas its adverse to read. There are items that don't exist on the wiki, exist but cannot be attained and some that exist in the wiki that don't exist in-game. Stats are rarely accurate either.

Due to dwindling players and the game's reliance on player trading, sub t19 item acquisition can sometimes be janky due to no one bothering to sell some items, because only high tier items are worth anything and due to inflation. Players will commonly help you out if you're a newbro though.

Learning certain skills, such as T19 DD through Qafir Drones, is still masochistic due to lack of skill requirement and travel speed. There are number of skills you'll often find people asking help for, due to the amount of time saved by just asking someone else do effectively do it for you. This is still the case, even in the highest tier skills. Because of this, joining one of the few active groups left is strongly suggested.

Once hitting non-p2p skill cap, there wasn't much to do in terms of PvE. To give people something to do once at max core skills, devs introduced RNG item modifiers, so even if you do get the highest tier items and want to finally settle down and enjoy PvP/BvB, you won't be able to play a non-supporting role in conflicts due to the massive influence said modifiers provide and the even larger amounts of credits needed to continuously roll for good modifiers.

SS2 passed steam greenlight in 2012. It is listed as being released soon, where the date is pushed back a few months, every few months, showing the lack of organisation between owners and devs.

Classes are still somewhat unbalanced, somewhat due to the aforementioned RNG item modifiers, where classes like beserker aren't very competitive, but become very dominant with large amounts of money pooled in to their equipment. Even with the game being released so many years ago, large changes to the classes are still occurring.

I know there's more I missed, but this should give you a quick overview.

Sun May 31, 2020 2:35 pm
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Post Re: Has the game improved at all?
Suggestion *Forum* is unused and it's a little odd that it still exists. Devs don't really care about the suggestions forum. The forums are kinda dead because Discord exists. Forums are like email/snail mail. Discord is like telephone/texting. I'd imagine older people would use email more often but younger people tend to text. Demographics.

There's a number of large reworks going on in the background that bellies the amount of work being done. You don't release half baked projects especially if they rework large portions of the game just because the playerbase demands their release.

Subscription cost of most space mmos are 10 dollars a month. Eve actually costs more per month. Basic 30 second googling will tell you that.

Wiki item lists are generated from a bot that pulls data from the market. SS has a competitive aspect to it where the top teams compete against each other for prestige, advantages, and resources. This is normal for most mmos in general, pvp or pve. If you don't want an item to show up in the public light where all your competitors can see it, you just don't list it on the market. This is similar to Trade Secret legalities in RL. You're not forced to reveal RL trade secrets if you have secrets and said secrets are legal to have.

You can go 100 speed in a Dark Freighter or Behemoth and still carry your Qafir Drones around. There are many paths to the goal including temporarily resetting to SD for the duration of the activity.

F2p is meant as an extended demo rather than a full game, though I'd like to see more challenge bosses to encourage cooperation. An issue however is player psychology of most f2p players of actively avoiding cooperation because they would rather be greedy selfish bitches and slow boat through life even though basic cooperation would more than pay for itself.

Classes are currently undergoing major reworks to bring them up to date and correct some major issues (such as modstacking). Mod rework will be released at the same time as Gunner, Sniper, and Berserker reworks as Mod Rework in of itself will gut those classes hard from their current reliance on mods. Berserker and Sniper were regrettably essentially left behind in 2012-era.

Sun May 31, 2020 6:45 pm
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