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Post Newbro feedback
Seen a lot of posts on here with vets arguing over the new player experience so thought I would share what it was like from an actual newbro.

The f2p model is pretty great imo, I leveled up to about 800 when playing and felt like I was really making a lot of progress towards being useful to other players.

Putting this one pretty high, if you're not going to release SS on steam, just take it down. It just shows the lack of any development and is a huge letdown for anyone waiting to play the game when it drops on steam. I feel like if the steam release went well it would have brought in lots of new players, but due to the release being so late, maybe not due to a lack of trust in the dev team now.

I've seen people talking about the starting area too, so I just wanna say that I found it great, although I did get a bit confused on what parts of the starting area were optional or mandatory (Mission chains, like the base building tutorial). The travel time to Sol is a bit long from the nexus also.

Players get 1 SpacePoint for confirming their email, yet anything less than 9 SpacePoints is completely useless, not sure why that's there, but it sure feels like it should be reworked

Pretty much the reason I stopped playing was finding out that the end game PvP was focused a lot on grinding for long periods of time for better gear and mostly due to the RNG weapon 'mod' system thing after I burnt out playing for a week straight. No serious player likes RNG :/

I had help from another player to get me in an ESF, without him I wouldn't have been able to get it without a huge struggle which I feel is a bit unfair on the majority of players who didn't receive help for tedious/hard tasks. The skill system is awesome, but collecting materials such as Garg goblets without already having a good ship is too difficult for new players. Even the easy to gather materials such a blue space dust takes so long due to travel time and RNG spawn rate+drop rate that it comes across as a chore.

As a new player, I had to turn to the wiki a lot. This was a pain, because sometimes there was no info, and sometimes the info was just completely wrong. Would be nice to have some sort of database in-game for item stats, or just an updated wiki.

I had no idea about missiles until I was told by another player. Before, I was level 100 struggling to kill level 100 npcs with what I felt were completely lacklustre weapons, with low dps. As soon as I switched to missiles, I was able to kill level 400-500s in a volley or two. I'm not sure if this consititutes as a balance issue regarding missiles, or a lack of information given to new players regarding weapon choices but thought I would add it incase, as I'm sure there's a level 200-300 out there wondering why the game is so hard.

New players like to test out the different classes, but changing classes can be expensive, forcing players to stick with their bad decisions because they're poor. Maybe allow players a 2 week grace after starting to switch classes as many times as they like?

Whatever wizardry you use to try to make the game feel 2D, it doesn't work well with stars. There's been a lot of times where I've almost died to stars as it feels like my speed changes when traveling through them due to the 3D-->2D manipulation. Stars just seems like a pain in the ass to me, especially considering NPCs can just go through them with no damage. It's pretty annoying and unfair on kiting ships and there are certain systems that I can't PvE in just due to the stars.

Again, not sure if this is a balance issue, but I usually travel and PvE with my capital travel field on. You effectively have a ship the speed of a fighter with a lot more tank and it seems a bit unfair for the non-capital ships.

A full database of hostile NPCs would be great for new players, organised by system so that they can choose the best places to grind. I just found myself sticking to one spot, even when the enemies were lower level than me, just due to me not knowing where the next best grinding spot was.

Probably too much time to implement, but true 2D would be awesome.

The automatic avatar resizer (150x150 pixels) is unreliable on the forums, and a max file size of 60kb is far too low.

When joining after a uni wipe, it asks you "Do you want to dock your ships here". I've made the mistake of clicking yes in the middle of no where many many times, as it doesn't specify what ships, so I took it as do you want to dock your slaves as well as your piloted ship. This line of text should be altered so that newer players understand what this is supposed to mean.

Explain to newer players how to stop NPCs from aggroing you near Sol. I remember getting constantly killed by the police and having no idea how to stop it when I was new, until someone told me I had to suicide without a pod.

Did class skills get updates? I seem to have none anymore on my main character and it just asks me to pick a focus. It's not explained to a new player at all, is this is due to uni reset or due to balance changes or maybe even something else that I don't know about?

A market window would be great, rather than typing out each item with the correct spelling and punctuation. Either that, or being able to type one word/part of a word of an item to make things quicker and easier.

The trade 'Sort By' thing doesn't seem to work. Was looking to buy the cheapest ship possible as a taxi to pick up another ship, and there seems to be no order in price whatsoever when sorting by price.

There should be a quick way to transferring a ship to another station rather than doing many runs just to taxi ships.

Uni reset seems like a good idea, but it's a pain in the ass when all the places you've visited are no longer on your map, making you rely on the website map.

Steppes is just annoying.

The aug tweaking mission chain feels like it needs work done to it, some missions can be done quickly and cheaply, others become quite expensive.

Making credits early game is quite difficult as any loot you get is low tier and useless, and even mining is pretty pointless due to players having many mining bots each, reducing the price of mined material.

All I can think of at the moment, feel free to ask questions :)

Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:05 pm
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Post Re: Newbro feedback
Thanks for the feedback. I'll respond to some of your points below.

We are going to release SS on Steam. I don't really get the point you're making since anyone who joins from Steam will not have been waiting around for all this time for the release. There won't be a history with the dev team, good or bad.

I just played a new character solo up to level 250 and agree that the starting area is pretty good. It's not always super clear what's optional but it feels like it works to me.

Agreed about the SP comment. We are looking at ways for people to spend such low denominations as that.

The item modification system is being reworked but it's just a big project for the volunteer dev team.

If you could reply with a list of all the progression bottlenecks you discovered, I would be happy to go over that and try to figure out alternative paths. This includes both skill bottlenecks and itemization ones (e.g. not using missiles). Please be specific.

For now the stance on the wiki is that it is a player-maintained resource. We have tossed around the idea of automatically pushing stats to it, but that's not happening any time soon. We have however appointed a few community members as "wiki masters" or something, so hopefully that is helping a bit.

Changing class isn't supposed to be that expensive. It caps at 500m at level 500. Early on you should be able to change a few times without it costing too much.

I agree that suns are a bit weird in their "bump" implementation. I believe we are planning to push them down quite a ways so they are less intrusive.

It's definitely not intended for people to engage in combat with a travel field on. What ship are you using? Maybe we should make travel fields take more energy.

A database of hostile NPCs sounds like a good thing to have on the wiki. It would be easy enough for players to create.

Other than sun bumps, what else would be needed to make the game "true 2D?"

We revised how the combat class system works. You should simply be able to click through the dialogs to retrain your focus and class of choice.

Augmenter Tweaking was revised. Are you referring to the old system or the new one (that goes up to level 10)?

Hi, I'm Anil, a long-time player turned developer. I am Star Sonata's lead content developer, which means that I run weekly dev meetings and make sure that any proposed changes to the game receive proper review before going live.

Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:48 pm
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Post Re: Newbro feedback
Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the steam release, players can currently see that the game was supposed to release late 2016, so anyone who finds the game on the steam store will probably avoid the game on release day. Well, that's my line of thinking at least, I probably would have, had I not already played SS2.

Well, other than the bottleneck to initially get into an EFC (That being how hard it is to obtain Garg gobs without already having an EFC) and the afformentioned primary weapons seeming pointless past level 200 or so, I wouldn't really know about any other bottlenecks sorry. I've been using the same missiles at level 800 as I had at level 200 as they are still far more effective than anything else as far as I know.

Regarding the class change thing, my primary focus was to just rush through levels as I was able to easily one-volley level 500 NPCs at level 200, so I assume I saw the system as expensive as I reached the cap rather quickly. I still feel like it's a bit pointless though, as 500m is nothing to a high level player so only really restricts poor level 200-500 players that are more likely to pick the wrong class for them out of a lack of information/ choosing a class on impulse.

I'm currently using a EFPrototype (Can't remember the full name sorry) although I used it to the same effect when piloting an EFC(Lowest tier cap ship, not sure if I got the name right). The cap field lets me out manoeuvre the NPCs that I'm currently farming, like icepicks, otherwise I would get annihilated by their DPS. I'm only farming icepicks as I have no idea where else to farm due to lack of wiki :(. I don't think more energy drain would do much, as it's such a vital part of my farming I would find a way to use it anyways. I don't know much about balance, but maybe have the speed cap at a certain point so that you can't just outrun NPCs and have a percentage speed increase rather than a flat rate at a low percentage to overall nerf the item? If it's not used much at T22 play and only really effects the mid levels where PvP isn't common then it may not be too much of an issue anyways.

Didn't realise you reworked the class system until today. I had no idea how to use the new skol menu when picking my skills, a video tutorial like in eve would be a godsend for newer players when it comes to new features like that.

Outdated wiki is to blame for the misunderstanding about Aug tweaking sorry. Didn't realise it had been updated.

Would be nostalgic and retro to not see the ships rotate when they turn and to have no shading by default, much like StarfighterDisputedGalaxy (old flash game) or just SS1. The 3D feels out of place as it currently is in my opinion, Mybe that's just my bias from playing SS1 though.

Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:25 pm
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Post Re: Newbro feedback
Cameron231099 wrote:
Would be nostalgic and retro to not see the ships rotate when they turn and to have no shading by default, much like StarfighterDisputedGalaxy (old flash game) or just SS1. The 3D feels out of place as it currently is in my opinion, Mybe that's just my bias from playing SS1 though.

Have you turned on Orthographic mode?


Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:00 am
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