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Post Star Sonata and its Rebalances
I am starting to touch base with C2 again, and noticed an overhaul in a great deal of aspects. They appear to be attempts to balance the game, especially looking at the nerfs to the augmenter slots of the Prawn and Hephaestus Machine. How did everyone who invested a monumental amount of time, credits, and resources to building once powerful assets such as these ships feel about these changes? Looking at the ship stats, the Delquad seems to outclass the Prawn now.

Moreover, what was the point of introducing the Golden Man t19 ship? Testudo looks to be better in every way, except for redundant hull space and speed advantages of the Golden Man.

Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:48 pm
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Post Re: Star Sonata and its Rebalances
Most people acknowledged the prawn was overpowered so it was a relatively easy pill to swallow. We got like a 6 month warning a nerf was incoming.
The heph machine nerf was a little harder to accept as some questioned if it was even necessary. After that the floodgates were open and a bunch of nerfs to augmenters, tractors, ships, items ect. There's a lot of outcry every time it happens. It's an accepted fact now that meta changes every 6-12 months. Sometimes we aren't aware of nerfs until a patch happens and everyone rages hard. That is especially frustrating. If the nerf is severe enough the players are usually given a free augmenter reset. I could talk about nerfs and all the common arguments behind it for days so I'll just stop. Join the discord, won't be long until you hear some of them.

As a player it's a rough cycle to go through, but if it fixes the game in the long run I suppose it's worth it. You're in luck however, there are still many nerfs to come and you can experience it all.


Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:29 am
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