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Post Damage Type Usefulness List
First off, the ratings below are subjective, and I am not the most qualified player to give evaluations on content such as this. But I enjoy creating these types of threads and discussing them so why the hell not. I think we can understand that all damage types are fantastic in certain situations encountered during gameplay, but some weapons are overall more useful than others. So here is my take on damage types.

1. Mining: This damage type is what a good chunk of the Star Sonata economic system revolves around. Asteroids are mined for commodities such as Gold to sell, trade, or mission requirements. Trade bots can be equipped with mining weapons to save players the hassle of mining by themselves as evidenced in systems like Free Market. Mining is also the go-to damage type against many strong AI.

2. Radiation: Pivotal to Fleet Commanders' success at mid-stages of leveling. Without radiation damage, ships that are unobtainable by other means will be completely inaccessible to players, and Fleet Commanders would take a severe hit in firepower, because they will not have wild bots, and because combat bots don't receive their radiation damage bonus. Capping is one way to generate income, although it is no longer as popular now. This is second to mining mainly due to AI resistances, mining does better against enemies overall.

3. Heat: Pretty much everyone uses Heat weapons to tackle the UrQa. Getting weapons 20 from killing the bana queen is a classic must-do on players' agenda. Aside from bana AI, heat weapons are effective against enemies due to their unique characteristic upon connecting. When a ship is infested by fire parasites, they take damage over time, their visibility increases, and their shield bar is visible even if the ship is supposed to be stealthy. This can be helpful in pvp.

4. Physical: These weapons feature utility in addition to dealing damage. A ship can ride the knockback of their weapon by firing it in the opposite direction they are going, at up to double their ship's maximum speed. Physical weapons have higher DPE than other damage types and knock enemies around when they hit. Weapons like High Powered Knockers can prove useful at dispersing swarms, separating a monk from his heal targets, and separating engineers from their drones. Physical weapons are mostly used by snipers and deal lots of damage to light fast targets.

5. Surgical: Another good weapon type that fewer enemy ships boast high resistances to, surgical weapons increase the drop rate of gear that's equipped to a ship upon delivering the coup de grace. Note that it does not increase the drop rate of unique items, ones that are not equipped to the ship. The beam-type weapons in this category are used a lot, the others not so much.

6. Energy: Let's start with the positives of weapons under this category. They are more common and thus easier to acquire than other weapons. They tend to have higher DPS or DPE than weapons with a different damage type but similar tech. These observations hold true for a reason. A lot of stronger enemies are resistant to energy damage moreso than other damage types. Also, energy diffusers are easy to find in AI stations making it easy to defend against. Ranks above the following damage type because of its notable usefulness in Copper runs.

7. Laser: The other damage type comprising easy to acquire guns. Lasers would have ranked higher if there was a niche they fulfilled better than other weapons. Like energy weapons, lasers suffer greatly from damage penalties from AI resists, and are defensible by purchasing common AI base equipment. Beam weapons exist for the other damage types, even ethereal beam weapons exist among non-laser weapons.

What's your take on damage types?

Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:16 pm
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Post Re: Damage Type Usefulness List
You should have put this in Guides IMO.


Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:20 pm
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Post Re: Damage Type Usefulness List
Who would win out of Guides Vs. General Discussion

Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:13 pm
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Post Re: Damage Type Usefulness List
laser may rank higher on the list if it was equipped when you laid a station :lol: :lol:

Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:09 pm
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