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Post 1/16/18 Dev Meeting summary pov
Ryan - Besides Steam Shop, Ryan has also been working on the Map UI. Cleaning it up and improving it. The gist of his work in progress:

1. Moving the team flag, Proected status, and up and down arrows around so they're more clear to the player that X team owns the galaxy, if it is Protected, and if it is an "elevator" galaxy.

2. Moving the actual in game map UI buttons out of the map and onto the mostly unused char *bar* where your Inventory, Map, Social, etc buttons are.

3. Image

Faranight - Been working on the Samgrahaka Bhava and how it's supposed to be an "entry level T22 drone augmenter".

Current Stats:
Shield Recovery +80%
Energy Charge +80%
Resistance to damage +12%
Tractor Power +30%
Drone Ops +20%

Preliminary stats:
Shield Recovery +80% (thematic)
Energy Charge +80% (thematic)
Resistance to damage +8%
Tractor Power +25%
Drone Ops +22%
Weight -10%

If you don't agree, yell at @Faranight#6791 on the discord.

Faranight has also been working on a funny Olympus healing drone that have some nifty superitems and is better than an Armada Charge Drone, but "because it doesn't have 150%+ Healing Efficiency, it sucks" (quoted from Ingendum) and you shouldn't use it if it goes in before Ingendum is done with the Drone Curve and Rebalance.

Also in terms of raw HPS because Charge Drones technically have a second healing weapon they don't use, it's worse than the Charge, because the Olympus HPS weapon is based off the HPS of the sucky Charge Drone weapon. Twisted Charges and Bhisaj are better by a factor of 10 so if you can get one of them, use them. One Twisted Charge is worth 4 of these Oly HPS drones.

Faranight wants to make a Tech 20 version of the Nexus Space Jelly and wants to tie them in with the lore behind Giant Space Aliens, except GSAs are supposed to be Aveksakan aliens which is sort of like how Black Team was destroyed lore wise just because.

Enkelin - Enk played ring around the rosy with some SRX bases on test as part of his galaxy revamp continuation. Sundog humiliated him by staying on the opposite side of the sun so Enk took Hober's nerf gun and made Sundog's *defending* bases get rooted in place when they took damage. In the end Enk felt bad and for now defenders don't get rooted. The attacker can send two sets of bases around each of the two sides of a sun to tag the defenders.

Enk also played around with the idea of making bases refuse to shoot enemy players if there was an enemy base in the galaxy because those jealous Eminence Front Press Corpers deployed very short range anti-player stations to shut down the Traders PvB squad.

Some other stuff happened but the dev team decided that would go into a blog post and thus no point to report it.

Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:32 pm
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