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Post Next Universe, Please?
Um..... Where's Next-Uni?...

Bring it on with a cherry ontop please?

It's been some 4+months now, surely we'd all agree that 4 months at the latest, is more like it, 3 at the earliest, right?!

Original Star-Sonata was as great as all of us remember it ay! Complicated, conceptually realistic (!), intricate and diverse, so ever so enthralling to boot!

About the only thing that used to peave us all off was the occasional detractor, or group of them, that were on a mission to ruin our happy-days!

It goes without saying that we'd all enjoy a "rightous-battle" for a good-cause, even if it meant a bit of discrepancy between our loved factions and their associative rivalry's!

About the only thing that would get us mad was the game changing for the wrong reasons, at least as it would seem, to the point where when it may have been obvious that such effort was deliberate, so that sort of thing gave us all the shits, and unfortunately may have had some of us at odd's with each other!

But we were all reasonable enough to let all that water under the bridge "go", get over it, and all focus on having a good giggle in all-chat! That's one thing we all loved, right?

Must say I cant stand that so many seem to be deliberately against the good-grain of our sum-total genuine player-base, but what can I do now except reflect on the way the games changed, and apparently to facilitate such detraction!

So here's to a good shout-out to all the fair-dinkum great's, "May peace be with you all, and thanks for the Fun!", ay!

About time for a good and proper, mix it up, new universe, isnt it, you dev-o's?!


From Laz.


There wouldn't be a Knight if it wasn't for the Black-Smith!

Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:18 am
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Post Re: Next Universe, Please?
Stopped reading half way through but uni resets can be delayed to accommodate the patch schedule. Unfortunately the patch schedule is fucked. So we wait.

We're probably getting a 1 week testing uni as well.


Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:13 am
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