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Post A Larger Wild-Space New-Uni?
When's Next-Uni?

A simple question isnt it?! I remember the game religeously having a new-universe every 3 month's as a matter of habit, and people liked it that way; I certainly did - after all, having 4 uni's a year was a good thing, you could chose when to enter the game in a year and not have to play it for too long either!

It seems that recently, there has been what would amount to 6 month uni's... This is a bit depressing, and is something I'd liken to laundering game-credits (hehe!)... Having a uni that lasts more than 3 months towards 6 or more really does detract from the regular renewal and chance again to enter afresh into the game's world, especially if your not the player that constantly engages in the game like your life revolves around it.

Regardless of the reasons why a uni. is taking longer, I'd just like to know when to expect the next one, so I could opt. to re-enter as p2p and go for it in W.S. for a month or so... ay!?



P.S: Yes yes, I know, I really should buy myself that Australian-English version of the Websters Dictionary, without it I tend spell phonetically, or some abstraction of it...probably because I dont read newspapers or books like I used to when I was much younger...

Its a good thing this forum has some auto-spelling in it (or is that my browser?), so if I bother, I can proof-read a little, only bone of contention with that is that its American-English, oh well... hehe.

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