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Post Farewell fellow sonatians

I am writing this post partly from fondness of this game, partly from sadness and partly from being frustrated. I have just cancelled the sub on my 4 accounts and am leaving SS, proboably for good this time.

Since the first character I made back in May 2005 I have really had a lot of good times in this game. Although I just can't put my finger on it, SS had something that always drew me back in. The fun playstyle, the PvE elements and (for me at least) the base building. Building bases, setting up slave routes, constructing items, exploiting colonies and extracting ruin items was the foundation of my fondness for this game, the bread and butter if you will.
Over the years I've taken many a blow to the face from building bases, but always took my time to recover from the losses incurred. Usually the profits gained were bigger than what was lost anyway, and the drive to rebuild was ever present.

Upon my return a few months ago I was well aware that my gametime was not going to cut it to do anything besides building and setting up one maybe two galaxies. I was content with that, as it was what I was looking for when I returned.
I set up in one galaxy, with a branch out into a neighboring unoccupied galaxy for essential resources. In my main galaxy I built every base my accounts could handle, I had 9 Anni Z bases with augs (8 of which were owned by Station Master characters) as well as resource and colony bases.
Basically I did all I had resources for to protect my one galaxy, and that is what is at the core of my rant/whine/whatever you want to call it post today.
Because someone was bored and wanted to practice attacking other galaxies they swooped in and destroyed what I had built. Not out of need for the galaxy or resources therein, just to destroy it.

I know that PvP is part of the game, and that the strength you possess makes or breaks your existence in this virtual space. It does however sadden me that it is impossible for someone to carve out their little slice of space and enjoy the building aspect of the game, with no hope of actually managing to keep it somewhat safe. Wether it is a flaw in how the game works, or the way Mr. Landauer wants this to work, I do believe it hampers the growth. As an old player I have resources to employ ingame, I believe I spent about 300-400 billion credits getting back up and running, but what about newer players? Players who don't have 4 developed accounts to juggle base slots, slave slots and whatnot in order to actually utilize the potential in a single galaxy.
I would love to stick around and do my thing, building bases and items and just being part of the ecosystem ingame, but I do realise that it is not an option unless you have far more time to spend online than I do. If peaceful building becomes and option in the future I could consider returning, but until then there is nothing left for me here.

I will remember the good times with players like Swingarm, Bizman, Thanar, Mauty, Tobal and all the other fun guys out there who I haven't mentioned (you know who you are!), although most of them no longer play.

Live long and prosper!

-WillyWonka / OrBiT

Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:10 am
over 9000!
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Post Re: Farewell fellow sonatians
Hey Willy, I'm sorry to hear about this. We didn't cross paths much but you have been a household name for me for years (and I also started in 2005).

I'm really bummed that your galaxy got killed, but I'm mostly surprised. As you probably know, the dev team has made many changes over the past 5 years to reduce the incidence of random PvB. We consider it to be toxic to the game, precisely in the way you recently experienced. We have made bases much, much stronger than they were before and made a number of other changes to really make it quite difficult to assault a galaxy without dropping BvB kits.

I assure you that all the benchmarks we have used for galaxy defense would have considered 8 augged T20 StM bases with Anni Z gear more than sufficient to defray a PvB assault, even by the strongest of teams. So if this is what happened, there was either a grave error in the configuration of the bases, or a mechanism unknown to the dev team was employed (these are sometimes called "exploits"). I understand if you simply want to close the book on the incident and find somewhere else to spend your time, but if you are willing I would be glad to get some more details. At the very least, it could help us shore up persistent weaknesses in galaxy defense and prevent this from happening to a new player in the future.

Hi, I'm Anil, a long-time player turned developer. I am Star Sonata's lead content developer, which means that I run weekly dev meetings and make sure that any proposed changes to the game receive proper review before going live.

Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:02 am
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Post Re: Farewell fellow sonatians
Four accounts spread across 2 galaxies.

That is 12 potential building characters totaling 600 base slots. You also have maxed out drone slots in both galaxies using Tech 20 drones too. I'm not sure how you could lose two galaxies with that much potential power at your hands to PvB.

Pulse guns do ridiculous damage because they're designed to engage bases. Pretty much any ship trying to tank the pulse guns will end up dying to a single base blasting them.

Jungle Spirit augmenters are very powerful for their tech level. The strength of bases in general mean you can build Tech 16 industry kits and aug them for secondary DPS/HPS and have them be very effective in supporting the primary STM defensive grid. Assuming you drop 2 accounts (2 STMs, 4 ExE/CA's) into a galaxy, that is maybe 24b credits value of Jungle Armada Crests to aug 30ish industry Tech 16's. You can still use them on Tech 18 and Tech 20 bases if you want to budget build; casual PvB will be hard pressed to break down said bases.

Industrial Drones (Apollo-Annihilator Platforms, Defenders, and Assault Drones) are very powerful. They don't have the highest DPS potentials, but they have the highest HPS potential (of course, if you aren't facing any bases, the HPS from your bases mean you can go all in DPS with drones). The main advantage of Industrial Drones is the simplicity. They only take raw resources and do not need to be augged.

Burning angel wings to dust

Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:59 am
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Post Re: Farewell fellow sonatians
vittorio wrote:
Because someone was bored and wanted to practice attacking other galaxies they swooped in and destroyed what I had built. Not out of need for the galaxy or resources therein, just to destroy it.

I know that PvP is part of the game....
-WillyWonka / OrBiT

Hi OrBiT,

Take it easy man, I've gotten so upset over SS changing in the ways your recounting over many years now, so many times.... rage'ing at players, the forums, then calming myself down, quitting several times with vehement disgust, only now, after even more time finding myself able to (sort-of) accept that the games changed...

I do believe you'll still find the good old fun you loved as still apart of it all, if only that such aspects rest nowdays soley on the shoulders of who play it (!) and how they conduct themselves!

May I suggest to you that you take a break and hope that these younger peoples idea of ballance may apply to a more capable defensive strategy for you to employ?! (The idea of T21/22 bases being strong enough for defense againts level 6k players etc.)

I do feel for you though, and perhaps that's my point, when the game changes so much that its no longer what you loved exactly, it can be a real proverbial kick in the guts!

I guess all I'm saying is that you'll get over it, and most likely still love SS for sorta still being SS. At least that's my experience mate.



There wouldn't be a Knight if it wasn't for the Black-Smith!

Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:57 pm
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Post Re: Farewell fellow sonatians
Come to discord and be a chat whore with me :)

If not I will miss you :(

Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:20 pm
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Post Re: Farewell fellow sonatians
Quite late, but see you around WW. You were talked about as a cool player by anyone who knew you.

My forum start date reset when the new forums came around, somehow.




Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:21 am
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Post Re: Farewell fellow sonatians
Mister Wonka we had an amazing run on Viking and the times I spent with you as your councillor were some of the best.

You were the first person to see my potential in SS and show me the ropes and I have never forgotten it. Always you were the inspiration behind the teams I have created and helped found. M.A.D, Resurgence, DSF all benefited from the wisdom and compassion you showed to people.

You will be missed,


Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:30 pm
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