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Post Questions on upcoming changes
Since jeff ran away the instant i entered general chat, i will ask here.

1) What is the difference, mechanics wise, going to be between resistances and armor? Are we simply renaming the same mechanic?

2) IF radiation is replacing lazer, will Radiation get a damage buff as it has historically be the poor man of the weapons line?

3) HOW are shield monkies supposed to "Steal HP"? Are we getting reverse transference weapons? snipers are going to love those, i would imagine.

4) when you say "Energy damage will be the default damage type for both pulse guns and non-ethereal lasers." are non energy pulse weapons being removed?

5) we literally just reworked bases so "All mining all the time" BvB was not the norm and now we are doing "All mining all the time" PvP? What is being done to prevent this? Will there be a massive nerf to mining weapons to prevent armor piercing from being too good?

6) i am going to be polite and functionally assume that you are only doing the 10 space cargo for equipment and not pirate crests and traders badges?

7) your entire presentation of skill revisions seems evasive. Class skills literally define game play how is further definition necessary? Also, since everyone ends up with all the skills for their class anyway, why would such differentiation be relevant if we are not going to be seeing new players....ever?

8 ) will player luanched fighters be more powerful or will bot fighters be nerfed? Will this be handled with a class skill revamp (thus making it totally useless to SHM who desperately need something.)

9) Where the hell is steam? No seriously, can we replace ryan now? Or find someone else to work on that since he does not seem to want to? If he is to busy, he needs to say "I am to busy" and the project gets handed to someone who is not too busy.

DSF has already lost a counci to these revisions and they are not even implemented yet. You need to stop the endless nerfs, get a set of balances you can stick with, get steam out, and then start releasing content. Not tech 23, CONTENT, more costom dungeons, more events, more things to do in game.

and narrow the blasted spread on the DG drops already. good grief.


Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:37 am
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Post Re: Questions on upcoming changes
Will answer what I know:

Currently there is a mechanic (seen on Vampyre AI and Twisted Leech Charge Drone) where weapons can have a weapon effect that heals the owner whenever it does damage to a target. Consequently these weapons do low DPS. I will guess DPS will be upped and scaled with the DPS potential of the Shield Monkey, via code or something. I assume this will be part of a ShM locked item or class effect like how Snipers get Sniper Analysis.

Cargo system with 10 size thing only applies to items 11 size and up. Otherwise they take whatever space they already take. So commodities at 1 size stay 1 size. Items at 9 size stay 9 size.

Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:01 pm
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