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Post StarSonata this time around.
Star Sonata this time around

Warning -> Characteristically Candid:-

"You know, after so dammed long having played it on and off throughout the years, It would seem obvious that I couldnt help but return to the game for a good old romp. I knew allready that the game had so serverely detracted from Client 1 days that I'd have to accept it for what it was and try to have some fun with it the way things now are..."

"Oh yeah, what have I got here for an account... Yes Ok.. HEhehe... These characters could do with some work... Allright, time to fire up the old team and get back into it, perhaps I should do some Oly. this time... Nah, just take my time with it, focus on having fun with it as apposed to stressing out with it!..."

"That was what was so good about playing again - meeting up with other good old (!) players and forming a squad, which quickly turned into a new friendship, and breaking down some AI doors for levels for us both and make sure we got enough sp's happening for those all important skils! Dammed good fun, it has to be said - to romp around with those particular few, just as much fun ofcourse to get that much needed help from those that you remember!"

"Base'ing again was sort-of as much fun, but not really, after all X gear to start off with? geez, I like junkyard heavy kits, but I really like the old true Base'ing methodology of carrying an original Kit Hulk around, laying it, slipping some standard tech gear in it to keep it alive, then going off and getting some full-on base gear for it.... no bulldust ay!"

"Building up characters and their skills was as satisfying sociologically as it used to be, that one's an easy one to grasp, not much has changed there! hehe. But Classes and their distinction and disposition leave quite a bit to be desired compared to what all the Vet's were used to after Oly. and Lyceum came along!..."

"The Client (SS2) seemed to have some disturbing problems, particularly as it relates to obvious programming efficiency's and proper addition-integration into main-routines and such - the glitching out with missile launchers and new weapons effects, related to new additions, etc, was a reall dissapointment, not to mention the delays in rendering activity etc. - I thought I'd lent them enough Lead emphasis on how to get "the programming job done properly", but it would have all seemed to fall on deaf ear's, so to speak!"

"Being concerned with some guys idea of a new "re-ballance" was enough of a peculiarity to have my focus changed from my accounts progression to the "state of affairs" of the good old game. Positive Attitude had to prevail, I thought, so I tried to lend my proverbial-hand to the spoken feel for such a sake..."

"I tell you what was perhaps the best single aspect of playing again - those times when we're all sitting there on our long-range comm's-lasers (in All-Chat) yabbering about what ever and we find ourselves haivng some of the most belly-splitting, rip-roaring, gut-busting laughs any Paxian could ever bear witness too! HAHA, thanks guys, that was histerical at best!"

"Patches were never something I looked foward to, only as a result of so many so called "Bugg's" creaping-in.. The last of which only showed to ignite the old hatreds of "Game Deterioration" and various other anti-social delinquent and even criminal pestulance that had a way of obliterating the greatness of it all. I'm sure the original Server-Guy would be turning over in his grave... HE no doubt loved us all (!), just as much as we loved his awesome game!..."

"Some times you have to call a thing "Quit's", best to do so when you realise that things have changed so much they "it" is not once what it was! If you'r to continue, then you only allow those that seek to disuage you, an opportunity to succeed! So its with some sorrow that I decide to hang up my Belt, perhaps for good, wishing that I still had a chance to play Star-Sonata-1, afresh! Oh well....."

Cheer's Guys, dont drink too much ay!


I am otherwize known as the Clone with the Alter-Ego!

Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:31 am
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Post Re: StarSonata this time around.
Good comments! Was considering re-upping my account (and Nelson), will give it some serious thought. Cheers!

Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:34 pm
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