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Rendghasts DG test Results
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Author:  lrellok [ Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Rendghasts DG test Results

Test Results ... sp=sharing

Me Capping 50 Basils/Gammas in 60 minutes

TLDR; Congratulations, to Maxa, Hober, Neon, and everyone else who said i was lying when i told them 1) DG are crappy income and 2) Do not sell your augs.


Now, before we begin to break down the results, i want to profoundly thank Urza and any other developer who has bravely undertaken the task of revamping the DG system. This revision will, i am told, allow people with some exploration to target the items they want, maximizing the likelyhood of getting drops useful to them. It is a wonderful and fantastic step forward. Unfortunately i do not anticipate it doing much to overcome the staggering lackluster nature of DG content credits wize.

The experiment i undertook was as follows. 1) I would spend 2 hours a night for 15 days hunting a select range of DG. 2) All of the drops would be stored on a single Leviathan. 3) At the end of the experiment the results would be published. The puropse of this was to simulate a casual player coming home after work of school and playing a couple of hours before going to bed.

The reason this experiment was conducted was that i have consistently been telling new players two things; 1) that DG content was not as good income as other content, and 2) That they should not sell their augmenters as they will need them for future building. Certain people have called be a liar, and see fit to attack the team i am on because of me giving people this advice. However, as the results of the experiment show, this advice is absolutely correct!

First, the result, summarized from the spreadsheet attached.

In total, about 2700 items where collected including 1200 normal items, 75 blueprints, and nearly 1400 augmenters. The average value per item was about 25 million credits.

The total value of all items was 70 billion credits. This included 36 Billion in normal items and Blueprints, and another 34 billion in Augmenter. HOWEVER, two important outliers exist. FIRST, Bindomite, which totaled 7 billion for 14 pieces. Nearly everyone agrees that bindo prices have increased drastically in recent years, and will drop sharply when the mod rework in introduced (anyone wishing to refute this please post away). SECOND, Good Firing Augmenters, which increased in price 10X in the last week, i am guessing due to uni reset. This totaled 6.5 billion. The adjustment for these two outliers brings the total value down to 56 billion for all items.

Now, there are several other kinds of income in game, ranging from Doing missions like Mira and Colored Empires to Capping AI and selling the parts. For my "mission" example i chose doing Colored Empires (200 million) Blanco (250 million) and Mira Pax emblems (250 million) on three characters depending on how fast you move. The average was 1 billion per hour. Over the same time frame, 30 hours, this was 30 billion.

However, this is only the lowest level of content possible. Capping is another stratigem for income, so i decided to test how much could be achieved in this regard. The result was about 50 ships per hour at 60 million per ship, or 3 billion per hour. Times 30 hours, this came to 90 billion credits.

What this means is that even IF we count the augmenter sales, DG income is worse then all but the lowest level repeatable mission income.

Now, on to Augmenters!

Exceptional Augmenters average 3 per type, and as it takes 4 augmenters to make a single Combined Z base aug, i am going with 3 Combo Z per month of a given type, or 12 per uni times 4 types is 48 in total. That is enough for one person to equip 8 Ada t18 bases. Since a single command toon with Station Research can have 6 t18 bases, and not every base is going to need the same augs, this means that a single character can prepare the defenses for a single galaxy in one uni if they ONLY do dg content.

Good augmenters are in a similar state. Assuming max RC, BotR and BotPHD, you could have about 4 tech 14 fighters with you, likely Primal Jungle Something. Since FC gets a LOVELY bonus to HF capacity, lets pretend they are Primal Monkeys/Tigers. SO that is 12 Good Combo Combo Augs we will be needing. At 6 combo augs to build, 8 normals per combo, 48 normals per Combo Combo, so 567 augs in total. And how many did we get from 30 hours or farming...

Well that's interesting. It seems that Firing and Electric augmenters drop at SIGNIFICANTLY higher rates then anything else, So if we DO NOT count those and Recovery augs, we had 95 augs in total. That would mean it would take 3 months, over an entire uni of continual farming, to build a set of hoberian augs for ONE GROUP OF SHIPS!

BUT, lets look again. Lets say instead of 4 primal jungle ships i make 3 Shrimps (or selen). That is 9 Exc. Combo Combo augs. Now we only got 52 of those in total, and it would take, again, 567 of them to aug the ships. SO even this way you are still looking at 20 weeks or 5 months to build. We could condense all the goods into exc augs, and add them together! So that is 100 exe augs in two weeks, and we are back to the 3 months previously cited for the Primals, and with nothing left over for bases afterwords.

In short, everything i stated was correct. DG are very poor income, selling your Augmenters is both bad income and poor planning, and capping is far and away one of the best income sources in game. Should i speculate here about the motives of my assailants? Should i point out that most of the people impugning me have multiple accounts in WS and thus would HAVE to have someone selling them augs to augmenter their defenses? But no, if that where a requirement they would have fought harder to keep the JYSN aug trading in the game. I will assume they are simply misinformed and continue to try to correct them of this error.

Author:  anilv [ Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rendghasts DG test Results

Very thorough analysis!

Author:  KnT-2 [ Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rendghasts DG test Results

It's actually much worse than your results, you got quite lucky with your droprates even 2 unis of aug farming didn't yield 300 std augs of each type(from content not targeted nonstop augfarming like R2 which by estimates 50 hours at perfect rng / remakes when in reality is closer to 75 hours would only yield 1000 std of each type and forgo all other build items / commods)

Author:  nc44 [ Fri May 31, 2019 4:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rendghasts DG test Results

These results are stupid.

A) this was done on a zerk.
B) You don't get love cylinder remains from dg creatures
C) You can sell those love cylinder remains to people who want surgical dampeners and don't want to go farm them.
D) You fail to actually see what changes when you spend that 70b on an account that isn't absolutely rubbish and reinvest.
E) this was done by rendghast;

how is it he gets only 71 good firing and 23 good recovery augs from 30 hours? of dging? is it because his ship is incredibly slow, can only hit one target at once and cannot run with any significant speed the dg?

oh, yes, yes it is this.

fact of the matter is, these "results" had most competent dgers in stitches.


i'd also like to add that even with your terrible citing for money earned, if you include the value of selling those items for that price and set up a shop to sell the farmed/range of items; it will make more money per hour than capping apparently makes you per hour, because capping is a fiddly business when it comes to working out what goes where, let's say you're capping infernos, you want to take the infernal energies off the infernos at the very least because they're worth more to players than it.

this is merely the collection phase, doesn't include having your own shop etc;

it doesn't translate in any form

people see one item that's got a 6 mill scrap value and 60m to-buy from a dg that they had to fight hard to beat and go nuts about how it's not wurf


the positives that sane people can take away from this is that even if you're only rendghast's level you can still make 2b an hour dging - and i'm willing to place good money on the idea that you're above rendghast's level.

Author:  MasterTrader [ Sat Jun 01, 2019 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rendghasts DG test Results

Everything you said may well be true, but it still points to something needing to change:

Berserker feels horrible to play outside of a dedicated group role.

Author:  nc44 [ Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rendghasts DG test Results

MasterTrader wrote:
Everything you said may well be true, but it still points to something needing to change:

Berserker feels horrible to play outside of a dedicated group role.

Yes it does; how do we fix him though without making zerk super duper ridiculous within team roles?

Perhaps add something into the class called "Solo boi" when no players are within the vicinity he gets some of his detriments trimmed, a damage boost, a resistance trim and a boost to his ability to move around and navigate...

yeah it's pretty exploitable but i mean that's the problem with zerk, it's got so much raw POWAH that this could creep up in an instant and suddenly become something horrible if it isn't treated with a careful touch

from a concept perspective, making him slow is not necessarily informing most people's self held conceptions of a berserker in the first place. all it does is reduce his ability to get from A to B.

i think everyone would like it if he was actually a class you could play out of squads; i know that i "overexaggerate" my terms but it's also kinda true, too.

no one wants to play mr slow boi, even if he does pilot the lobster.

i think the only thing i haven't exaggerated is how much latent power the zerk class actually holds.

Author:  iwnh01 [ Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rendghasts DG test Results

imo a lot of classes could be improved with a skill similar to the 'lone wanderer' perk from fallout: a buff while playing solo only.

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