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Post Regarding the recent rollback (22/april/2019)
As you probably know, today, the game rolled back due to SRX's assets being sabotaged.

It's fine that they get compensation for the incident, what is not fine is how the compensation was approached. For starters, a rollback definetly isn't the best way to compensate a small group of players for their assets, the best way would be to manualy going over the logs and giving back their assets with admin powers. Rolling back is lazy and brings more problems than it solves things.

Sure, It did solve that particular problem, their assets really did get to them. But what now? Should every sabotage case be treated the same? If someone wants the game to roll back, should they brute force into someone's account and sabotage their assets?

What about all the other sabotage cases? What about those teams that curse and dr feelgood killed while cheating? What about all the bugs that cost people their assets? Don't all of these also require a rollback? Or these cases are treated differently because of who was involved?

From my point of view, it could be seen that the admins are playing favourites, or at least, not fair.

I won't get into the point of how rollbacks affect everyone and not just the parties involved.

But I do believe that everyone should get compensation for the time wasted playing the game every time a rollback happens.

Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:15 pm
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Post Re: Regarding the recent rollback (22/april/2019)
It does seem like picking favorites and unfair since nobody else got the same treatment before. Doing special cases like this only invites the idea of it happening more in the future.



Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:58 am
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Post LAME!
I was actually pretty upset about this and discussed it with a friend of mine.

This event will set the precedent for future events. I understand I do not know the intricacies of the recent "hack". But I doubt it was an actual attack/hack. Why the hell would one rando SRX account be targeted. Why not actually hack the database, an admin account or a higher value asset. A singular team and uni worth of progress does not warrant a roll back. I am pretty certain the terms of service has always been you are that account, anything that happens on your account is your responsibility. **SS is not responsible for lost or stolen items. GG.

How the hell can you bend your own TOS for one team that appears dev heavy from our place. I understand an IP change or sketchy shit in the logs, but that is an issue with YOUR service. Your setup. Your security. Why would you take the entirety of the game and its PAYING players into a rollback? -- and affect other normal players that have never had an account hack or leak of any kind. Change your passwords regularly! Again not fair at all.

In my time I have seen people literally gg no re this entire game because of bugs or a spy/stealthy team member sabotaged equipment and bases.

I don't care about being compensated for my time. My issue is that it is not fair for a particular team to get a roll back. It especially doesn't look good from a community stand point that a team that is "Dev-heavy" happens to get a once-in-a-ss-lifetime rollback card.

If this ever happens to another team I expect the exact same treatment and ill quote the devs -- "Put yourselves into the shoes of someone who had just had weeks and months of gameplay undone and I hope our decision here makes sense."

Cause seriously, we pay to play -- why pull this bs?

EDIT: Devs, I know most if not all of you are unpaid. You are still loved (by me at least for your efforts) -- but this is breaking some serious boundaries on a community-based mmo. The issue is that this has never happened before where other teams have been utterly rekt or player accounts stripped... why now?

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Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:57 pm
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Post Re: Regarding the recent rollback (22/april/2019)
You guys really should invest in admins and devs who have no stake in the game rather then 1 or 2 teams having a bunch of devs and or admins on them, for example like SRX and how for the first time ever in this games history they get a rollback for something that lets be honest was their own fault, and the fact they get special privileges isnt fair to any of the other players who lost time because of this silly little event. On top of that if it was a hack then there is no fucking reason what so ever they cant show us or make a statement saying that some accounts security was breached and and how and that its fixed now, rather then saying fuck you to everyone, rolling back the server and then saying here's an event to compensate our shenanigans because apparently no one on the dev/admin team can be bothered to check the servers logs to find out exactly what was lost and then compensate them accordingly, but hey lets just piss everyone off because a few people dont know how to keep their account info to them selves. On top of that you didnt restrict access to SRX on the event so now they get to doubly benefit were as everyone else gets massively inconvenient. And if you cant seem to find people willing to actually work for this game, which wouldn't surprise me with this games fucking track record but atleast force the people who are considered devs/admins/staff should all be on the same team and not participating in any of the other activities teams would be involved in, like taking gals, or pvping. There are literally a shit tone of reasons why you shouldn't have your staff playing the game with the player-base as if they were apart of the player-base since the staff have unfair knowledge advantage over everyone else, ontop of that they are more interested in working on content that benefits them and their friends rather then the player-base in general.

Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:21 am
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Post Re: Regarding the recent rollback (22/april/2019)
I think the Rollback was necessary: However it's an interesting thought. The Rollback to help one party took from the rest of the universe and their work. It's a hard decision to make.


Sat May 04, 2019 2:23 am
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