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Server-Hamster and everybody's Client : A Synopsis
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Author:  lazerus [ Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:38 am ]
Post subject:  Server-Hamster and everybody's Client : A Synopsis

Server-Hamster and everybody's Client : A Synopsis

Server Hamster used to be quite sure of what it was doing, never missing a beat, never tiered, not ever being pushed beyond its capabilities, efficiency abound for all to rejoice, capability at the ready for anybody to participate.....Prowess perhaps beyond measure, award winning performance the likes of which others would endeavour to follow...Those were the days!

Like climbing a ladder so high as to know how much you can carry, being strong enough to get there without letting go of what's so important, making sure that all is achieved apon peddestool, not forgetting a single detail.

Change would inevitably come along like the wind, bringing with it a humidity enough to make our beloved Hamster sweat, but a brow could easily be wiped with technique just as much as rain could be avoided with a coat. If only the winds of change were tempered with the wisdom of how to climb the ladder in its infancy, instead of being perplexed by the way the ladder itself is held together!

Putting Hamster in a position as if to require rehabilitation with such disability as to be delinquent from its proven ways was like debilitating a Client beyond its ability to communicate with the Hamster to begin with!

Changing language between Hamster and Client was just the beginning of messing with our trusted Server Hamster's Mentality! Differing detractions from Protocol for Client meant that misstep and trip were a part of every day gameplay. Unfortunate that those who kept Hamster healthy and Client clean were not so aware of the performance parameters that made Hamster happy and Client a sound workhorse.

The best that can be done for the livelyhood of Server Hamster is to understand how it always worked best! The greatest that can be done for Client is to better manage things the way they always performed most efficiently! Union of the two meant a happy partnership that didnt overheat the connections between them.

Anyone can only hope that the time is there for Hamster and Clients carers to take note of the brilliance of the original Creator, as he was the master behind the great plan - the mechanism - the way in which things were so proficient as to bring a smile to any game players day!!

True Enlightenment is only achieved through Understanding!

Long live Server Hamster and the true nature of Client, and may they both proliferate into the future!

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