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Client Patch - November 21 #2
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Author:  Jey123456 [ Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Client Patch - November 21 #2

Server-Client Patch - November 21

* added an item search box to base inventory
* fixed a bug that prevented commodity from being listed in the edit order dialog
* added scroll acceleration to the mousewheel in tables (usefull to scroll your way through large inventory)
* added an optimisation for mcing, especially on older graphic cards, Background Client Rendering found in options->graphics
* fixed /ap to work without quotes, same for /search and /like

Background Client Rendering basicly, lower the fps and stop rendering alltogether the clients that doesnt have focus, so that the foreground get all the attention.
This way you can have many clients and alt tab through them without having the background ones eating up all your cpu. (please note that this will break mcing using multiplemonitors)

(Discuss this patch here)

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