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Post Server-Client Patch - November 22
* added C1 sorting when sorting by type on ship inventory. (the very first column)
* made it so nametag scale a bit with zoom so that they are easier to read when zoomed out.
* added a new userbase glow part so thats its easier to tell the tech no matter the camera angle.
* tweaked the target option location so that it should not be on top of the target info anymore on most screen resolutions.
* re added the multithreaded texture loading, but disabled by default due to the crashy nature of a single error in it. To enable it and test it, create an empty file named "threadload.txt" in your ss2 folder and it will be enabled next time you start the client. Please report any crashes related to that.
* fixed multiple scenario where disconnection would not clear up your opened station tab and other dialogs.
* fixed some cases where you would get disconnected from server, but the client did not return to the login screen.
* fixed a bug related to any server side list commands (transfer slaves/bases etc) that caused the last value to be resent instead of the valid one.
* reduced the scroll acceleration greatly.
* fixed a server crash.
* New Mad Scientist / App Ward ship
* Fixed some bugs with termite mounds
* Made the player team flags more visible.

(Discuss this patch here)

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Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:01 pm
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