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Post Server-Client Patch - November 21
* fixed a bug that caused all text entry to be multiline (set alias for instance).
* fixed a bug that messed up the team msg text entry word wrap.
* fixed an issue that sometimes caused the teammsg to not be updated correctly when editing.
* added secondary sorting to regular inventory
* fixed the all tab in station trade.
* fixed the tradebay context menu (modify and remove)
* fixed a bug with tables not clearing correctly.
* increased version
* fixed a bug that prevented using value higher than 2.1bil in userbase tradebay
* fixed the slave order editor so that it insert them in the right place.
* fixed an issue with the list box selection.
* Rewrote the ssgui_table to be a huge lot faster with big tables.
* Fixed a lag caused by the ap.
* fixed a bug that caused the inventory to move the scrollbar up to the selected item everytime it was refreshed (commod decay etc).
* fixed some transfer from/to bugs in inventory
* made it so the userbase inventory will wait 250ms for extra changes before refreshing
* fixed the map not focusing on gals correctly.
* added secondary ordering support
* removed durability from base items.
* fixed a bug in the sleepy code that caused gals to not wake up correctly if no persona was around.
* Added keysyncs to the first level of Anaconda
* Put commas in the buy, sell, and size numbers of the base trade tab
* added a default value to transfer ownership boxes to nobody (so that pressing enter wont send your slave to whoever was first on the list).
* fixed a bug with userbases transfering if you do not own it.
* some crash fixes

- be carefull with slave transfering. there is still a bug im attempting to fix in there. to be safe, always restart your client before transfering a slave (else it will transfer to the last selection in scmlist, which might not be who you want it to >_>)
i will attempt to fix that one asap, but its hard to track down heh.

P.S. some of these fixes were done earlier but never had patch notes (client only patches).

(Discuss this patch here)

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Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:49 am
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