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Post Server/Client Patch December 1
* New high quality fonts for better readability
* New option to set font size to normal, larger, and largest
* Chat area now scales horizontally to take 50% of your screen space
* Fixed a memory leak
* Made it so the blueprint list is ordered alphabetically
* Fixed a bug with the background rendering disabled and laglevel.
* Made it so closing the chat input box by clicking/changing tab wont reset its content.
* Fixed a possible client lag source while the map was being loaded.
* Added Inferno glow
* Fixed engine mount on missiles
* Fixed a bug that caused showpain and showdamage to display on your own ship for your userbase/drones.
* Added ability for missiles to use non-warhead weapons better
* Fixed the "Invalid Ship id (errno:8)" error message that was getting Spammed to people using fighters/missiles
* Added the ability for new fighter bays/missile launchers to potentially have multiple tubes with different angles of launch for each tube. With multiple tubes, each tube has it's own timer, so you can launch missiles and fighters in volleys.
* Added a built in triple missile launcher to Inferno hull, "Triple-Shot Integrated Tubes"
* New missile type: Small Firestreak Missile which uses a damaging afterburner while in flight to leave trails of fiery death and has proximity "space-burst" warhead to spray napalm in a 45 degree cone at the target and nearby enemies
* New super item for Inferno ship that launches 3 simultaneous Small Firestreak Missiles
* Fixed an exploitable bug where you could get missiles or fighters generated by super items if you docked just before they were launched
* made AI's aim more carefully when they use self-damaging weapons
* Changed the automatic emergency restart to give a longer warning (minimum of 1hour).
* Added models for Red Photon Support Cruiser and Red Photon Logistics Cruiser
* Fixed the texture on Red Photon Warship and added glow
* Fixed the neuro-training screams that sometimes played when logging into a character.
* Fixed a situation where messages were sent in the wrong order.

Discuss this update here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=49109

For support, please create a support ticket here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. About Star Sonata.

Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:29 pm
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