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Client only patch February 04
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Author:  Jey123456 [ Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Client only patch February 04

* removed lagkiller infos from the top bar.
* fixed plasma particles random rotation.
* fixed the bug causing particles to not render for some people.
* fixed a crash when undocking from a userbase.
* fixed some random client crashes.
* improved the patchbot performance drastically so long as you dont press the show log button (showing the log will slow it down).
* Adjusted the appearance of shield transference lasers
* Adjusted the appearance of plasma particles a little bit
* New Ancient Scoutship model
* added a visual indication when the lag killer is active.
* infinite number of characters support (the extra character slot for the beta players will come with next server patch)
* fixed a bug with the ship preview not updating correctly.
* fixed the lagkiller system so that it now independently work on the render slowdown and cpu slowdown.
* removed the possibility for players to edit the upper/lower value of the lag killer, and replaced it with a check box to enable disable it. The lagkiller value are now set dynamically according to your average framerate for the past 20mins (automatically filled in the first 20secs of playing for initial values).

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