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Post Server & Client Patch - 13th Feb
Patch notes for server and client patch 13th Feb 22:00 EST (14th 03:00 GMT)

Note that since these are before the patch, they may change.

* Fixed a major client lag in massive battles (anatolia attack) by throttling down the projectile aiming update client side using the lagkiller (wont affect actual collisions, but might look like it miss slightly on the z axis).
* Fixed the hardware buffer support (it was broken before so low gpu bandwith computer were slower than they should had).
* Fixed the graphical glitch in target interface for intel graphic cards.
* Bulletin Board team score readouts fixed.
* Added some more checks to prevent whitescreens (device lost) issues.
* Autopilot will now stop you by your ship when you eject into your pod/spirit.
* Fixed a bug that caused game_data/ to not use the skin override system.
* Fixed the /like command.
* Fixed a bug in SOB code that caused lag spikes.
* Fixed a bug that caused solarbody to go crazy on the spin.
* Fixed a bunch of timer related bugs that caused explosions and many other effects to be buggy.
* Fixed a bug that broke the Inferno triple-shot launching tubes.
* Fixed the damage on the Inferno super item that got set way too low.
* Fixed the indentation of a bunch of EF Nexus mission text.
* Fixed WANTED: Mister The Prefect mission.

Tweaks / improvements:
* Neater LagKiller XML.
* Improved client performance by caching some values.
* Tweaked the lagkiller on weapon projectiles to not actually remove them right away, but instead reduce their qty of particles.
* Made it so wormhole will always have a sobicon when they stop being drawn.
* Attached the lag killer to engines particles and diffuser ring particles, so that it reduce their qty smoothly before removing them completly.
* Tweaked ship rotation slightly so that it should be easier to control at low fps.
* Made it so your ship and your target have higher priority in the updates call, essentially when the lagkiller goes too high, it will priorize you and your target and try to keep you smoother while leaving the rest to lag.
* Tied the lagkiller with some heavy shaders to remove the lights before removing the post processing alltogther.
* Improved gui drawing performance (should help especialy in galaxy with tons of floaties).
* Made the client some more resistant to memory corruption.
* Improved the lagkiller so that it should stay more in the non critical range (will still reach critical if needed to).
* The starfield background is greatly reduced in intensity on intel graphic card if your processor is weaker than 2ghz double core.
* Optimised the vertices cache on load so that its faster to draw.
* Intel graphic card does not seem to support d3dmultithread correctly, hence multithreaded texture preloading and async frame rendering are disabled (was causing multiple crashes).
* Improved the performance on the client, especially for slower/older computers.
* Major overhaul of the vertex and index hardware buffers.
* Scaling the radar blips with their object's size, suddenly much more usable.
* Tweaked the ambient light to not inherit the starcolor anymore (should make everything a bit clearer, especially in gal with extreme star color).
* Reduced the ambient light impact on planets so their shadow is much more pronounced.
* Increased help chat level limit to 100.
* Improved the response time for docking and buying/selling items to stations.
* Major work on the bullets/bullet particles.
* Made it so free players can not deploy drones in semi-premium areas.
* Updated the /limbo command help text to correctly indicate that it works within the first 24 hours of a new universe.
* Increased trigger radius on Prism Expedition.
* Replaced clouds in Emperor's Peak to reduce lag.
* Backgrounds in Great Rift Valley darker and more transparent.
* Made Searing Rift backgrounds darker and more transparent.

* Paxian Battle Frigate given an inbuilt engine (/outfithull to get).
* Added some code to hopefully make firing, docking, and warping feel more responsive by immediately dispatching the response message from the server to the client rather than waiting a frame.
* Readded /LKL /LKU renamed /LKLC /LKLG /LKUC /LKUG to /GLKU /GLKL /CLKL /CLKU for direct lagkiller control (get reset when you restart the client).
* Tied the lagkiller with some heavy shaders to remove the lights before removing the post processing alltogther.

You can discuss this patch on the topic in dev notes, which is here.

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Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:54 pm
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