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Post Universe reset - Content only patch notes (25/2)
With the collapse of the old universe and expansion of the new universe, some interesting things have cropped up in the new universe.

* Fixed Hives attacking AI that are level 3000+
* Fixed WANTED: Mister The Prefect mission
* Changed Copper 7 to link to Copper 8 instead of Copper 8 V2
* Changed the Pax exploration mission for Free Market so that you just have to explore there and not buy an Ion Peashooter+
* More tweaks to UZ's backgrounds to improve performance
* Restored Dark Diablo's Warp Controller to it's previous state
* Hand-tweaked the particle parameters for a bunch of the weapons (might be broken until next client patch (a few days)
* Tweaks to James Watt to decrease the chances of getting no loot

* Plus versions of t21 and t20 ship bps will now make upgrade items instead of item form ships.
* Random skills in AI bases will only be in Earthforce Layer

* The shiny new T21 solo-daily missions found in Fiery Lemnian Plains.
*~30 new AI to EF layer
*The Locus of Fleet in the Lyceum has announced new a break-through in internal mag-rail systems that will make Capital class ships more hull efficient.
*Blue Photon Processing has announced a break-through in Capital Class Fighter bays and has made them available to the universe at large.
* Gallows Cove: 35 new piracy related missions, requires Piracy skill to receive them
* New friend of Mr. Wyrm, Mr. Green!
* New DG Boss AI
* Added T17 Wingship V LF, T19 Testudo Freighter
* Added turn in missions for the Green Meanie & Iceprick base remains.

* Lyceum Scientists, Paxians and Earthforce have noticed something odd about the new universe. While the UrQa purged all of the ancient civilizations that lived and thrived in this universe, a few of their outposts remain in place, and (somewhat) functional.

Discuss here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=50677!

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Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:12 pm
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