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Post Server & Client Patch - 28th Feb
Patch notes for server and client patch 28th Feb 04:00 EST ( 09:00 GMT)

* Added support for transfer some to items multiselection (will transfer x of every items)
* Added LOD (level of details) support to the game, its still very basic and tied with the lagkiller. The resolutions of the models rendered will drop as the lagkiller increase to try to recover some fps.
* Added new parameters for projectile particles to allow us to do some more interesting things with them
* Gave the Wingship V a super item, MagCannon Device V

* Changed a few quant columns in the inventories to numerical sort
* Made it so that important old logs in bases won't get pushed out of the base log window by new logs.
* Made it so that if an item is equipped and usable in a base, double clicking will use it rather than unequipping it.
* Made it so the server will send you an update of the base and the solarbody its attached to (if applicable). to help players suffering from major desyncs.
* Made it so only husks will use the smoothed position switch (basically drones, ships and spacebase).
* Sell Ship Content button now uses the ship you have selected, rather than the one you're in.
* Rewrote the interval code in attempt to fix the weird issue that seem to happen with bases in sleepy gal (Hydro's suddenly not providing enough rations and the likes. I was unable to actually reproduce/prove this bug at all so its mostly a shot in the dark for fix).
* Increased range on Faranji Outposts (AI only)
* Destroyed bases will no longer be "abandoned behind enemy lines", only alive ones that fit the conditions. (In an owned enemy gal and no adjacent owned gals connected to HQ)
* Switched the lower resolution model of the planet from dynamicly created to a staticaly created ones we already had (look nicer and is lower poly).
* Improved the sizes of the radar blip scaling, fixed the radar drifting off into space when you dock above 0 speed.
* Optimised the meshes in a way that make them faster to render and give better light reflection effects.
* Optimised some of the particles rendering code for a slight performance increase.
* Multiple small client performance optimisation.
* Removed the starfield rendering when lagkiller goes too high.

* Fixed another servercrash crash
* Fixed an instance related server crash.
* Fixed a bug in the z position of bullets server-side that was probably causing some collision bugs
* Fixed a server crash.
* Fixed legacy particles render to actually work.
* Fixed a bug that caused item selections to be reset in userbase when the inventory size changed (spaceoat appeared for instance).
* Fixed a bug that caused your ship to not use the radar of the station your docked in.
* Fixed a bug that caused objects to disappear when docked (actually related to your ship still moving while being docked).
* Fixed some client crashes.
* Fixed a bug causing the screen to "shake" while autopiloting
* Fixed a graphical artefact on planet induced by the model optimisations.
* Fixed some bogus stats with the AI Outpost gear
* Due to a mistake, all of the Olympus & AI Outpost radars had incorrect detection values. This has been fixed.
* Hopefully fixed the weird graphical artefact that appear randomly on thrusts.
* Hopefully fixed some of the graphical artefact that appear randomly (tractor related one seem to still happen).
* Attempt to fix the device creation error on some system.

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=50733

Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:59 am
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Post Re: Server & Client Patch - 28th Feb
quick fix patch
* added a checkbox for low quality model. (this will force the game to use dynamicly generated lower resolution model of everything at all time instead of just using them when lagkiller goes higher)
* made it so low / medium graphic level are no longer forced to use low quality models
* fixed multiple crashes
* added TCP_NODELAY flag to the socket, should improve the response delay all across the board.

* fixed the right click not working in some inventory

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Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:09 pm
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