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Post Content only Patch - 4th April 17:00 EST (ish)
A small patch in hope to remove some of ship loss issues,

* Added number of stations to deliver Crate of Games to for the Gone Gold mission series description text
* Added x5 and x10 turn in missions for Easter rewards

* Made a bunch of instanced galaxies that weren't dungeons dungeons in hope to avoid ship loss issues
* Increased time between Resurrection tweaks on (Zombie) Easter Bunny by 150 seconds
* Easter Egg Hunt (Egg Hunt Grounds) doens't require completion of Hop Drive mission anymore
* Small tweaks to Zombie Easter Bunny's 'spawn' scripting.
* Paxian Battle Frigate and AoG changes
* Tweaked Glue Gun family commod drop rates

Cause it's so small, discussion thread will be the original one: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=51343

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Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:21 am
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Post Re: Content only Patch - 4th April 17:00 EST (ish)
* added a quick fix for the base synching issue, its not perfect yet, but should at least be a lot easier to dock in now. (as in, im forcing an update of the whole planet every x seconds, the client is still not perfectly synched for reasons that remains to be figured out, but at least, now the base location should be a lot closer to the real position.)
it is still buggy, as in sometime it doesnt update at the right position, im still trying to figure it out. but at least now it will fix itself after like 30secs or so.

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Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:18 pm
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