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Post Server & Client Patch - 21st Jun 11PM EST
* Fixed the issue causing ships far from you to lag on radar.
* Fixed a bug where you couldn't drag and drop items from a base to your inventory.
* Fixed Ink Bomb (Electron Storms) visage color.
* Fixed a few client crashes when quitting.
* Fixed a bug where Seer drones would sometimes crit for crazy values (either one hitting something or healing it to full)
* Drones now obey safety lock.
* Fixed a bug where a Director could demote himself.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes Untanglers (Graviton Diffusers) wouldn't work.
* Fixed a bug that caused lagkiller to prevent some objects from showing when they appeared (debris at lkl 7 for instance).
* Fixed a bug where kills by certain kinds of missile kills were not being properly credited.
* Fixed the bug where fighters would not return to their owner/home ship after it left the galaxy, even if it came back.
* Fixed a server lag/crash.
* Fixed the news panel on the right of the log in screen.

* Made new version of "Kidd's Thruster's" called "Kidd's Thrusters", changed drop tables etc.
* Fixed Hermes' Champion's Stand from not always functioning correctly.
* Fixed Divine Mini Wattage visage.
* Fixed a typo in Lagrangian Points Paxian exploration mission.
* Fixed Jolt the Volt/Attack Overloader bug.
* Fixing launch angles on missile and fighter launchers.
* Fixed Amped Zeus Bolt Blueprint producing Amped Zeus Engine.

* Made it so that a Director can promote a councilor to take their place.
* Durability/repair system rework, no longer require any parts.
** Repairing mid-flight can be done for twice the cost, if you have not fired or been fired upon for 1 minute and are not moving. Doing so will cause you to receive a 10sec -100% shieldcharge/energyregen/thrust/turn.
** Dieing now cause credits to drop, worth about 70% of the total damage value. The drop is attached to the killer.
** Doubled the price on all Gear Glues. Gear Glue has been added to Metal Mining Inc. in Arena Lobby where you can sell any old Gear Glue you have left for it's original value. We will not refund if you sell to a different station and get less, nor if you accidentally buy any extra Gear Glue from this station. This will be removed at the end of next uni.
* Capture error now better prioritizes which error to give.
* New Galaxy Map loading code that should take less than 10 seconds to load fully. (That depend on your connection but should still be much faster).
* Removed the pointless "Use how many items?" dialog, it was buggy (extra item would often disappear) and had no useful function.
* Changed tractors to use smooth energy, instead of taking large chunks.

* Dropped Prismatic Conversion's tech level from 6 to 3 to better adjust for skill point cost changes awhile back.
* Beefed Darkness Warmed Over a tad.
* Reworked Ares Black Stallions.
* Beefed Red Photom warship.
* Gave both Poseidon Expanders 5 extra space.
* Tweaked a spawner in Dark Maelstrom.
* Beefed Argeiphontes Hermes(+) and it's inbuilts a bit
** Hermes Adrenaline Injection isn't so mean on the DPE effect now.
** Mobile Concealment Array is now a slow moving mobile drone.
** Aura on the above has also been beefed.
* Changed description on Dark Kobaldstein's seer virus lasers to indicate what they are better.
* Next universe Staff Quarters in Olympus won't be instanced.
* Next universe there will be north and south roaming versions of the T21 daily mission roaming bosses.
* Changes to Pretender Poseidon to make the "Drones of Olympus" mission easier (he now drops four to five weaker drones during the first 25% or so of the fight which are for the mission).

* Added Square bool to XML gui system. It is a parameter to go with the element resize to ensure it remain square (width == height) when resized.
* Added lagkiller support to the light manager to reduce/disable the light as it increase
* Added lagclipping part to the lagkiller. Essentially give the power to clip out less important things if they are further away from your ship (the more zoomed out you are, the more aggressive it is), things like nametag, team flag, thruster particles, get clipped off quite early if you are zoomed out to the max, they are far from you and your lagkiller is increasing.
* Added some more profiler precision.
* Added more power to the lagkiller to reduce the lag experienced by those who sent me profiler dumps (/dp).
** 5 new LKC values
*** LKGPU_LIGHT: Reduce the number of rendered lights, when ratio>=1. disable the lights alltogether).
*** LKGPU_LAGCLIP: Control how far from your ship non important effects will be displayed (flags, nametag, thruster image etc will be removed from rendering if they are too far, having the camera zoomed out also reduce the distance on screen, will always ignore your target.
*** LKGPU_BILLBOARD: Control the clipping for some billboard effects (many weapons projectile, engines etc rely on those).
*** LKGPU_PARTICLES: Control how many particles are rendered. The higher this value, the less particles will be on screen. Higher than 1.1 will disable all particles (not recommended).
*** refraction: Controls the refraction bubble effects (warping, explosions etc) 0.2 should be enough for an intense fight.
* Added some code that reduce the ammount of flare particles depending on how many there is on screen (the actual maximum quantity depend on your graphic level and lagkiller particle variables).
* Added repair all button to station general tab.
* New 3D radar which tilts with camera (can be turned off in options), including detection and weapon range circles, set distance range circles and zooming

* New Paxian ship visages.

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Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:42 pm
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Post Re: Server & Client Patch - 21st Jun 11PM EST
Patch is expected to take a bit longer.
It's 11:00pm now, we expect to be up around 11:15

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Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:33 pm
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