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Post Server & Client Patch August 22
Patch is at 12 PM EST (GMT -4)

Sorted patch notes are available now. You can discuss this patch here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=53222

* Added a bit of a deadzone to the item tooltip movement detection, so that it should ignore accidental displacement (up to 25pixels)
* New docking target selection algorithm that priorize your stasis ship then closest base. You can still dock in a base if you have a ship on top of it by being <10dist from the base and having it targeted.
* New AI base in Free Market with F2P stuff in (Will go in next uni)
* Added aug drop chance modifications so we can alter that on the fly (already patched)
* Added a new commandline argument --postpatch. Possible values are quick, regen and, patch. quick force a quickscan for the dds and normal maps generation and generate those that changed. regen recreate all dds. patch is a quickscan then automatic shutdown (to be used automaticly by patchbot to do the initial cache creation on installs and patches.
* Given AIs their own version of the Prognosticator Cylinder and beefed it.
* Added a new setting for dialogs KeepOnScreen that'll force dialogs to stay visible, it'll move any that are out of view into view on load/open/save.
* Added the KeepOnScreen setting to most dialogs, including Blackbox, Mission, Character, Contacts, both inventories, Item Tooltips, Options, New and select vendible, suicide, station, gal map, moderator, and slave orders.
* Added SoundShow/SoundHide to a few other dialogs.
* Added a refresh button to mod panel to refresh information there.
* New option added for UI elements, SoundShow, SoundHide and SoundHide.
* Given Character, Contacts, Inventory (including remove inventory), Options, Radar, Ship, Galaxy Map, Moderator and Slave Order dialogs opening/closing sounds.
* Radar also has sound for changing zoom level.
* Added Resistance Augmenter Condensers and drops.
* Mission Tracker - Disabled by default, enable in settings.
* Added a warning if your base is being tractored, similar to the warning if its being attacked.
* Added a system allowing us to easily multi thread small sections of the code, gaining performance on multicore/hyperthread system as it get used. Currently only used in projectiles aiming code to fix the issue where projectiles were completly out of sync on beta.
* New Wisp Visage
* New Reaver+ texture linked up.
* New Grim Reaver ship with new texture.
* Added a "Check Market Price" option on right click in inventories and trade tabs. Shows the same info as the /mc command.
* Made single aug destruction work with base augs
* New Paxian mission to make players aware there are more exploration missions in the hidden base.

* Raised max PVP level to reflect the new skill system
* Removed SSE requirement from the game. No fps impact but the client should now start on very old cpu (Athon x1 and pentium II along other) i highly doubt the game will be any playable on those, but hey, if someone want to start it, who am i to stop him xD.
* Tweaked the targeting system to give a lower priority to credits (if you die and try to click on your ship, it will select the ship even if there is credits around, if you want to select the credits, click 2-3 times to cycle the targets).
* Tweaked some projectiles network code to be kinder on the network especially when shot from far away from you.
* Changed the construction list tooltip to work in the similar way trade bay tooltip works.
* Changed Hermes radars to give off less visibility.
* Moved the ship upgrade items from von Mises (Free Market) to Rock Harbor (Ring).
* Non-sticky super items are now limited to 2 per ship, and 5 per capital ship. (sticky inbuilts to not count towards this total)
* Tweaked the code so that transferance use the old coloring (instead of using the core color as default).
* Reworked Moderator panel to be nicer
* Changed crazy glue to effect item durability
* In the rare case that 0 credit damage was done, no coins will drop.
* Beefed Motorway and Autobahn drone auras
* Beefed Christmas Spirit
* Gave the Monochrome Hue a super item.
* Lagkiller now tries to keep the amount of visible projectiles to specific limits (the lower your graphic level and the higher the lagkiller, the least projectiles are allowed on screen, when the amount of projectiles go above that limit, the system will smoothly remove projectiles from the streams so that it is not too noticeable (and doesn't prevent you from seeing what is firing at what, just that instead of having a stream of 200 projectiles all on top of each other, you would have maybe 75 or so)
* Reverted Pretender Poseidon change.
* Changes to the Flamberge: removed -thrust and -turning, added a capacitor
* Userbase will not visualy create their addons if the lagkiller level is higher than 5 (extension bays, trading bay etc) to try to help the performance. (only happen when jumping into a gal after setting the lag level (or reconnecting).
* Made "Base" Inventory filter also show any item tagged as "base only" instead of just "base" type items (requires updated server to actually work, but doesn't break things if used on live server)
* Changed userbases and drones to be boxes on the radar instead of spheres (similar to ai station currently).
* Performance optimisation in the sob clipping code.
* Multithreaded the sob clipping code
* Some performance optimisation for the projectiles rendering when lagkiller is higher than 0
* Increased the cost on the PWI to give it some proper repair costs.
* Increased size of the Master Chain Transfer lasers and removed the Freighter lock (cause they're engineer locked).
* Increased the range for which the Paxian Probe will spawn (next uni).
* Tweaked targeting a bit so that clicking multiple times on a target will cycle with a bit more mouse movement, and is now tied to the galaxy position instead of the cursor position (so if you keep your mouse on top of a moon and keep clicking, it will select the base attached to it
* Slowed down the fps a bit during the textures preload to help on single core system.
* Patchbot now use an on disk cache for all the "non critical" files md5. Essentially bringing any subsequent md5 generation speed to instant (the first one will still take a little while).
* Patchbot is now a lot more stubborn in keeping its connection alive and should be working on just about any type of connections (at least, any connection able to play the game).
* Patchbot now resume broken downloads automatically (old version was doing it, but not as well and much less efficiently).
* Compressed high quality and low quality texture cache are now separate so that there is no need to regenerate it everytime the graphic quality is changed.

* Fixed mobile drones not following through warp.
* Fixed the huge lag spikes that was happening on the server sometimes randomly during bvb (at least i sure hope so).
* Fixed Anti Alias
* Fixed the bug that rendered player unable to order slaves to follow them using rts controls.
* Player slaves and drones will no longer show mission indicators
* Fixed lag in construction and tradebay under some heavy load scenarios.
* Fixed some random crashes.
* Fixed Argeiphontes Hermes+ visage
* Fixed prismatic conversion error to properly account for not being able to inject the control parasite in the first place.
* Fixed an issue where players would be given two Paxian Planetscanners from the Paxian Exploration missions
* Fixed a small bug that caused a big window to be created and destroyed during the game initialisation
* Fixed more mission typos
* Fixed BP list in construction tab re-sorting itself on each reload.
* Fixed some pax exploration mission text typos/errors
* Fixed end-of-turn check
* Stopped all context menus (right click menus) from going off the screen.
* Fixed Tractoring 16 mission
* Fixed an issue with splitting missile/fighters being able to kill stuff they shouldn't.
* Fixed Oly entrance fuel prices/supply
* Fixed the bug where hitting "OK" in the options menu would break dialog hotkeys
* Fixed typo in Adamantium Tractor Module description
* Fixed Sergent's Gyrophare being unequippable
* Fixed a bug preventing the text from rendering in target options.
* Fixed the few seconds lag that occur when alt tabbing to a client with background rendering disabled
* Linked up all the Nutter ships with their textures properly. Given the Rotting Equanimizer and the Seer versions their particle emitters again. Seer Equanimizers also hide the names like they did in C1.

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Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:34 pm
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