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Post Server & Client Patch October 11
- Bugs -
* hopefully fully fixed the bug causing the new character zone to not appear.
* fixed a client crash on 0 size item in station trade bay
* fixed a few cases where drag and drop transfer did not work
* fixed some issues with the lagkiller not delaying properly on galaxy jumps/connections
* Galaxy map tooltip is closed when the map is closed w/ F6
* fixed an issue that caused lagkiller to kick in when the background render was disabled and you would go back to the client after a long time.

- Graphical -
* Changed the UV map on the Red Photon Support Cruiser to look better
* Fixed panther Kitten and Willow O' Wisp engine mounts/visages
* Fixed Pax Chrismasicus engine mounts
* Fixed engine visage related engine mount problems for: Panther Kitten, Pax Levitas, Santa's Special Sleigh
* tweaked the lagkiller to be a bit less aggressive in the first levels.

- Features -
* fixed holding shift during drag and drop transfer to only transfer one item
* Exact chat commands are accepted even if they are prefixes of other commands
* Added chat commands /avoid and /avoidteam, for telling autopilot what galaxies/owning teams to avoid; Shift+Right Click on galaxy in map has same effect as /avoid
* Shift + (default Shift+V) activates autopilot to selected galaxy (on map)
* Galaxy map tooltip will state "No Valid Path" if none can be found for selected (clicked) galaxy
* Activating centered map will no longer set selected galaxy every time you jump
* Layer transition arrows on galaxies in Nexus and Celestial Garden layers now point the right way
* Autopilot trail is also shown in galaxy map (yellow)
* Layer transitions and shortcuts (Juxtaposition etc.) are shown for both trail types
* Avoided galaxies are shown in gray on the map
* Multiple performance improvements.
* added a space before the name in chat on the first line, essentially making it impossible to fake another player name due to how the word wrap work.
* /record now ignore chat messages (make them smaller on disk)
* Added Juxtas and other warp 4 shortcuts to the map
* Made the emp star sizing work just like the old sizing (there wasn't much variance with how it was currently being done)
* New login screen galaxy

Content - Some will not go in before new universe -
* New prizes for the strontium missions
* Added FC Aura gen to RP
* New instanced mission addition to the T21 missions in Staff Quarters
* Changed sebastapols to reflect their old stats better (reduced speed, increased spread and spray, given them relative speed)
* Fixed Ambrosia Drones.
* Reduced the critical hit chance bonus on the Mzungu Cloak to 5%
* Nerfed Reaver Augmenter
* Changed the sun in The Dark to be easier to find.
* Gave the Absolution a superitem
* Beefed the Docking Scoop to have 50% Docking bonus
* Increased the size of Catapult projectiles, also gave them some particles to try and make them more visible
* Reverted the Hawk Claw (weapon) change that made the projectiles inherit velocity.
* Beefed Mobile Concealment drone a little bit.
* Marked the Plus item trader missions as premium only
* Added new Micro item trader missions for next uni.
* Moved Rumble 3 to Earthforce Space for next uni.
* Added Items Teleporters to the item list. When equiped, this allow you to transport items instantly over multiple jumps in team territory (see viewtopic.php?f=9&t=53650)
* RP Warship: Changed 20% resistance to transference to 20% vulnerability to transference
* All RP capital ships: Increased hull to 800 (warship: 790->800, carrier: 790->800, support cruiser: 750->800, logistics cruiser: 760->800)

* Cannot warp to a no pvp gal for 60 seconds after commiting a hostile act.
* New team score system, as detailed in Dev Notes (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=53482) (only the score, not the skill/xp yet)
* Added the /nf command. Given a value between 1 (default) and 20 (extreme, do not use). This increase the delay between network updates from the server. To help on slower/less stable connections. the fastest updates is 100ms for new objects (like when you fire) and positions update close to you. the nf value multiply that timer, so if you use /nf 3, then that 100ms is now 300ms, giving more time for the server to combine data together, saving a little on bandwidth and a lot on network load. ** This value is not saved between server restarts but will remain between client restarts **
* For the first 5 secs after you connect, the network factor is automatically set to 5, to give a chance for your network to handle the load when in an heavy galaxy. After those 5 secs, the value is set back to your configured /nf value (default is 1)
* Selfdamage weapons (lion incinerators and the likes), will now self damage properly on multifiring (this mean 5x more self damage if you mf 5 lincin).
* Fix for workers not eating properly
* Fixed Displaying multiple (of same item) mission rewards

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=53658

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Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:54 am
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Post Re: Server & Client Patch October 11
Some extra things:

+ Minor - Exc. Resistance Augmenter Condenser missions for Augmenter Tweaking in The Acropolis.
+ Changed Broodrat Mother in Sol so she can't dock.
+ Added a new custom galaxy to Earthforce Space.
* Gave the Pumpkin drone a Pumpkin visage.
* Hermes base and instance hole for Tartarus are added to Staff Quarters
+ Added strontium prizes and training for piracy 21 to the strontium-90 galaxy

NB: Those with the +'s (instead of *'s) are for next uni, that'll be the standard for stuff next uni from now on (when I do patch notes at least).

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Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:06 pm
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