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Post Server & Client Patch - 19 Oct 11PM EST
* Fixed a couple of engine mounts, added listing for Wingship II Pro in game_data/ships.xml

* Fixed a bug with deadliness score
* Fixed a bug where RadX could allow you to dock slaves that they should not have been able to capture.
* Rewrote worker appetite in way that do not lose precision with number (tested using 600,000,000 workers and 2,000,000 hydros and 300 workers with 1 hydro over 24hours with rations remaining perfectly stable). There is still a very small loss of precision on server restart, so it is recommended to use 299 workers for 1 hydro (just so that rations will pile up), although the precision loss is usually less than 1 ration per restart on a 300 worker scenario.
* Fixed an issue with the new loyalty score calculations, where too much score would be lost when a member left the team.
* Fixing trading score, to ignore the old stuff.
* Fixed a server crashed that could occur when admins tried to spawn AI via the command.
* Fixed Piracy 21 hard cap (training Piracy in Strontium-90 will now work
* Fixed a bug in the universe generation where wormhole visages in wild space would be set wrong

* Fixed a minor timer issue in Pretender Hermes scripting
* Fixed a bunch of hulls which were capable and shouldn't of been
* Fixed bad boss shout for Building Academy Final Exam

* Reworked the General page in stations to look a little better
* Made some changes to the login screen gal to improve look
* Reduced the volume on the Dialog Open/Dialog Close sounds by about 50%
* Various chat tweaks:
* PGUP/PGDN scroll the chat text while the input box is active.
* Stop the chat scroll bar popping up every time a new message arrives.
* Keep the chat scroll bar visible while the input box is active.
* Made it so that W4 shortcuts will inherit the pvp and premium limits from their end gals
* Blueprint tech limit for celestial gardens (tech 19)

* Changed the summary text on an Infernal Tempest mission to make it clearer what you had to do

This year's events feature much of the standard Halloween content, however there are some new goodies to get. I'm sure some of you will absolutely LOVE them.

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=53794

"What you mean you killed him cha cha cha?!"


Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:40 am
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