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Post Server & Client Patch - 9 Nov 11:59PM EST
* New visages for Thoraxes and MagCannons, as well as UrQa plasma weapons.
* Account global storage locker
* New "jump to" dialog in slave edit order, using a special version of the map to let you click on the target galaxy, instead of doing every galaxy 1 by 1. It also indicate if your jump chain is broken at some point and not looping properly.
* Laser are now 50% larger and have a bit more of a "punch" presence for the first 200ms

* Added T5 Proficiency Class and Proficiency Drone Augmenters, requiring level 1 in the respective skill.
** Added missions and tokens etc for the above.
* Method to obtain the Vampyre Life Force factory (mission).

* Fixed a bug causing ships to change when docking (at least i hope its fully fixed this time).
* Repair cost display fix for the case where more than one item in a stack were damaged.
* Fixed the bases not showing up in slave edit order.
* Fixed a client crash.
* Fixed the shutdown message to use timer notification.
* Made it so reconnecting will refresh your server shutdown notification.
* Fixed the repair cost desync with the client.

* Updated some skill descriptions to reflect what they actually give.
* Fixed an issue where Sniper Analysis was being calculated based on the wrong skill.
* Fixed population census display.

* Removed extra start base for one of the A38 pass card missions.
* Fixed typo in Ares' shout.
* Fixed various typos/layout problems in mission texts.

* Slight particles rendering improvement (should improve fps by about 30% if your slowdown were the particles, namely in high action scenes with a lot of firing around), this is especially true for graphic level medium and low.

* Various updates to building tutorial (mainly gear).

Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=53977

Patch notes compiled at: 12:20 EST, last updated: 08:01 EST.

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Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:21 pm
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