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Post Server & Client Patch - 08th February 04:00AM EST
- Client - r3852
* Orthographic camera can now be changed ingame through options and without a client restart.
* Added support to offset the screen center. in skin.xml <int name="centerOffsetX" value="0" /> <int name="centerOffsetY" value="0" />
* SSAO is now functional in orthographic camera.
* Gave the Valentine a pink texture for Valentines Day! <3
* Added /lkc bufficons to control the number of spaceobject on which you can see the rotating buff (aura/tweaks) icons around. Its only a temporary solution to help with heavy load galaxy lag on slower computer. A new implementation of the buff icons rendering is in process.

* The mission agent dialog is now on top of the inventory.
* Changed the notification icons slightly (still needs improvement)
* Improved the sun’s corona slightly.
* enter key is will now accept the startup graphic dialog
* Disabled banking when using orthographic camera.
* Changed the default ambient light to 25%
* Tweaked the lag killer automated adjustment so that there is less "massive visual impact" right away. for those with slow computers in resource intensive runs /lkl 3 should be sufficient at medium graphic. /lkl 5 will give you very close to all you can get short of removing important features.
* Smoothed up and improved the precision for the logicfps limit (although it will take slightly longer for it to adapt to a sudden change in system load). This should pretty much eliminate the stutter that was caused by the old implementation (there is other sources of stutter that are still being tracked and fixed).
* Slightly slowed down the small target render updates to reduce their load on the system.

* Fixed a few mission list bugs.
* fixed some precision issue with the galaxytopixel ratio calculations. which should slightly increase mouse targeting accuracy.
* Backgrounds are now mostly functional in orthographic camera (nebula and stars are, but some objects are still wrong).
* Improved projectiles aiming sync when there is a small quantity or when they are "important" to you, fired from / close to you or at you.

- Server - r9147
* Reduced the network delay when in galaxy that is not overloaded. (overloaded galaxies will get the previous global network delay but normal load galaxy will see an increase in network responsiveness around the board).
* Made it so you can use items on a wild slave (only use, not equip/toss/anything)
* Changed the Bounty Hunter AI attack code, they'll judge whether it's worth their time to attack someone with a bounty before attacking.
* Added Demented HQ/Outpost (Will be in a few hours after the patch).
* Added Attached versions of all HQ/Outpost kits. (Will be in a few hours after the patch).
* Changed Gigantic, OS, micro, and nano C-beam's to also have splash like the regular one
+ Added a special drop table for Urzod.
* Gave the police drone a new glowmap.
* Added text for item descriptions for items which can't be transferred via TSL.

* Made the Massif III about 10% bigger, fixed some other minor stuff to do with its visage.
* Strontium-90 Drop kill mission changed from gold to silver, 25 kills instead of 90 kills
* Changed the loadout on the Brigand Volcoms in the Nexus and removed their self-destructor.
* Changed the distance at which you can hear the ambient sound for a tractor beam to a constant rather than being based on the tractor beams max range.
* Increased the level of some Paximinus AI in The Nexus to level 9 from 6
* Reworked the trader missions. Plus item ones are still for p2p's only, they give the most money reward and least XP. Oversized item ones give the most XP (can give over a level each), and least money. Micro item ones give in the middle.
* Additionally, the minimum level requirements have been removed, and the minimum Danger Factor they appear in have been reduced (df part will only apply on new uni).
* Captured hive, ice pick, forgone, etc. pilots are now size 1 instead of 10.
* Enlarged Rattie Moe.
+ Changed the 2nd target dummy in EF Outpost to have a long range physical gun.
+ Changed the 3rd target dummy in EF Outpost to have a long range physical gun, made it stop shooting for 5 seconds around the time it launches its missile, made the missile only last for a maximum of 5 seconds, made the shields on the missile a lot weaker, and took away the drone warp device.
* Made (Tarnished) Imperial Seals and some mission only commodities non-TSL-able. (items/commodity.xml (rev 9139))
+ Shrunk some of the Nexus galaxies a bit to reduce travel times and make the experience more accessible. (For next uni)
* Changed the missile on the Volcom Outpost in Nexus to be easier, removed the second Volcom Outpost. (for next uni)

+ Ai that were escaping from their galaxies, will no longer roam out.
* Fixed a typo for the mission to kill Vorian the Rouge.
* Fixed a bug with missions locking out at Piracy 20, not allowing those with Piracy 21 to do them.
* Cronos will no longer kill himself with Lion Incinerators.
* Fixed the visage for the level 6k Aveksaka roamer (Zailaguru Ksatracara).
* Removed Nanochips from AI stations.
* Fixed a bug where the requirement to own a base in wildspace to attack bases and drones was preventing the player from attacking AI drones.

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