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Post Server & Client Patch - 16th February 01:00AM EST
Client changes (r3857)
* Added some stuff to mod panel - Drag the right boarder out to reveal
* Added /lkc bufficons to control the number of spaceobject on which you can see the rotating buff (aura/tweaks) icons around. Its only a temporary solution to help with heavy load galaxy lag on slower computer. A new implementation of the buff icons rendering is in process.

* Greatly reduced client load when it is not rendering (background client rendering disabled and the client is not in focus).
* Disabled banking when using orthogonal camera.
* Slowed down slightly the small target (squad target) render updates to reduce their load on the system
* Smoothed up and improved the precision for the logicfps limit (although it will take slightly longer for it to adapt to a sudden change in system load). This should pretty much eliminate the stutter that was caused by the old implementation (there is other sources of stutter that are still being tracked and fixed).
* Reduced the amount of render state changes by almost 50%, what that mean is that weak graphic cards for which the state changes were a bottleneck, aren't as limited by it anymore resulting in a drastic fps increases in those few cases.

* Removed a few dozen source of fps stutter (a very few slow frame not long enough to drastically impact average fps, but enough for the game to not feel fluid).
* Fixed a few bugs in orthographic camera background renders.
* Fixed a few bug when background client rendering is disabled.

Server code changes (r9177):
* Team skills are partially added, most of the effects will be temporarily disabled temporarily for the transition.

* Made it so that if you should have more Skill Points than you have, it will be instantly added on connection.
* Activity score calculation changed so that small teams (less than 10 accounts) will not grab 100 so easily.
* Permanent mutes now also apply in earthforce protected galaxies.

* Fixed Sun damage! Suns will now correctly deal damage taking your heat resistances into account.
* Fix for wildspace slave item tossing.
* Fixed a minor bug with the no jumping after PvP timer which was preventing jumps right after a server load
* Fixed a bug where the requirement to own a base in wildspace to attack bases and drones was preventing the player from attacking AI drones
* Decreased SP costs for core skills. Piloting now has a cost of 4+(2*level). All the other core skills follow 3+level

Content changes (r9177):
* Made Massif III/X larger and Massif II smaller (diameter)
* Made the Psionic ships look (200%~) cooler!
* Changed the missile on the Volcom Outpost in Nexus to be easier, removed the second Volcom Outpost
* Fixed a typo in the Paxian Warp Navigation 4 mission requesting 10 Ancient Pax Medals instead of 20 Paxian Medallions
* Fixed a bug in the Proficiency Augmenter mission descriptions requesting Sup. Tokens instead of Basic Tokens.
* Fixed Dem/Ada Attached kits BPs requiring stationary kits

Universe reset specific:
+ Shrunk some of the Nexus galaxies a bit to reduce travel times and make the experience more accessible
+ Revamped the advanced target drones in Nexus
+ *Shiny* new DG boss
+ Reworked the trader missions, they now give more XP and money.
++ Additionally, the minimum level requirements have been removed, and the minimum Danger Factor they appear in have been reduced.
+ Added a couple of extra non-roaming Star Runners to The Nexus
+ New Goldenboy home system in the Earthforce Layer, includes some ship upgrades for their ships.

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Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:21 pm
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