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Post New Team Skills
We've added team skill in the most recent patch, so here is a crash course to get you started.

Skill / Cost Multiplier / Effect
Roster / 1 / Grow your team. Adds 5 member slots per level from a base of 100 members.
Leadership / 20 / Expand your leadership. Gain 1 additional councillor slot per level
Warmongering / 5 / Your active wars may not exceed the level of this skill.
Galactic Control / 1 / Expand your empire. Allows control of additional galaxies per level. (4 galaxies per level)
Outpost / 20 / Extend your reach. Allows 1 additional outpost per level.
Fortified Outpost / 3 / Outposts gain 100,000 max shield per level.
HQ Filling station / 1 / Ships docked in their team HQ gain +50/s regen and +50/s elec per level.
Home defense / 1 / Defend your home. Gives your headquarters an additional 100,000 shields per level.
Super Cannon / 30 / Allows equipping of advanced superweapons on your HQ.
Home field advantage / 2 / Team ships gain +20 shield regen per level while in an owned galaxy
Intelligence Network / 3 / Link up with the collective. Your team gains +50 vision per level while in an owned galaxy.
Hardened Defenses / 4 / Shore up your defenses. Defense drones in your team's territory get an additional 1% resist per level.

You will gain team xp slowly over the day based on your team score, equaling out to your team score over the course of the day. When you team gain's a level, you get 1 skill point to allocate towards skills.

Most of these have their effects temporarily disabled, but you can start training these right off the bat and even start recruiting more members. You can expect the rest to be enabled soon after this reset, and the ownership skill will be enabled in a few months at the next universe reset.

Hey, I'm Ryan! I've been playing Star Sonata since early 2005 and I've been involved with the development of the game since 2009. I do server and client programming mainly focusing on bug fixes, but I've also dabbled in creating a little bit of content too such as Captain Kidd.

Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:55 am
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