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Post Server & Client Patch - 21st March 23:00 EST
Client side changes (r3878)
* New/Improved resource files for Stella
* A bunch of pretty new debris visages for various different types of debris
** Lots of different item types got different visages, ie Blueprint, different types of commodity, base, etc.
** Size/quantity in the debris is scaled by the number of items in the debris.

* Fixed some placement issues in the colony page on user stations
* Fixed timer related bug affecting a few players.
* Fixed a bug with some of the dark suns rendering.
* Fixed the team XP bar and tooltip
* Fixed a bug in the Small Targets tooltip (the top right list).
* Fixed a bug causing the map to not update properly under some scenario.

Server code changes (r9342)
* Added an error when trying to set a trade bay price to buy for more than you're selling for.
* Added sticky Black Boxes to all stations except the Palace, these won't appear on currently deployed stations but will new stations. They do not get consumed on use.
** Made the Station Black Box not activate on abandoned kits (to inhibit black box spam from radiation death) -- Use another one if you want a log for an abandoned kit.
* Added support to give a fixed amount of XP from a mission.
* Added fuel information to the stat string for energy banks.
* Added support for crystal containing multiple different items.
* Added support for permanent holoprojectors.

* Added some information about parasites in the stat strings if they're unique (max of 1) for both the weapon and the parasite (Glue Gun weapons will no longer say xNumShots, because they give 1).
* Server performance optimisations
* Made it so wormholes requiring key will not use it unless you can actually jump
* Slave Stasis generators no longer have their functionality. Slaves now get stasis for free. This doesn't apply to wild slaves. Capped slaves are wild until they're docked (regardless of radx).
** Slave Stasis gen price is doubled so you can sell them back to Copper for the price you bought them for.

* Fixed a typo in the market price check text
* Fixed a bug where the time wouldn't display on holoprojectors
* Fixed a bug that would allow you to avoid energy use from tractors.
* Fixed a bug with sun damage when you had less shields than it tried to take from you
* Fixed holoprojector effects not rotating correctly
* Fixed a source of server lag when a lot of action is going on in a galaxy.

Content changes (r9342)
* Given the Easter fighters shiny new visages
* Given the special AI versions of Zeus (Silver, Gold and Adamantium) special visages
* Increased the XP rewards from the Monkey Shield Transference missions in Liberty, added a new one as well.
* Added 5% Resistance to Damage to the Solarian Scanner, it should of had it before but was missed off.
* Some new DG items.
* New AI base drone.

* Made all the Micro/Oversized/Plus item trader missions give static amounts of XP.
* Removed Solarian gear BPs as drop, added a Solarian Beam (laser) which was accidentally not added as drop
* Removed mission in Lyceum for trade in of Andaman Radar Blueprints for Honorary Diploma's since Andaman Radar BP is now bought from Hyper.
* Halved Brute Forces RoF and reduced the tracking a little bit
* Made a few minor changes to the Stella's missiles.

* Fixed some typos in the player progression missions
* Fixed a typo in the description for Paxian Peacemaker fighters.
* Fixed a bad desctiption in the A38 Passcard missions for The Blue Form.
* Fixed sun in Auric Sector being completely wrong one
* Fixed a bunch of slightly broken visages in Olympus (and any other areas that used ships on fire)
* Fixed a typo in the Demented Patrol augmenter mission.
* Fixed the particle emitters on the Super Phunka

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