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Server & Client Patch - 13th June 03:00 EST
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Author:  Blue Dwarf [ Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Server & Client Patch - 13th June 03:00 EST

Client side changes (r155)
* Alt + Shift+click/drag on the game view will now move your screen center up to 600 pixels away (usefull to look further in a direction without zooming out or if you keep gui element constantly on screen).
** Alt + Shift + doubleclick on background recenter back to the skin default setting.
* New W4 Guardian, Police, and Lion glow maps.
* Fixed the glow map for AI Base 10. Added glows for Helga and Slumberchrome. Brightened the App Ward(+) glows.
* Glow map for Titan drone.
+ Fully functional 2d map renders is always full and performance hit shouldn't be too much (except when you have the whole universe and you move it around a lot, but even then, should be greatly faster than the old map rendering). (2d map will only hit the live client on uni reset. if you want to use it in the meantime. use the beta client).
* Added the current persona name in the title bar (for easier client switching).
* Added a custom normal map to the pax astronomica texture (lots of pax ships are using it).
* Added a file to the Content folder in the client giving brief information about skinning.
* New visage for the Wingship V.

* Asteroid are now scaled down by a factor of 5x on the radar.
* Greatly improved the radar circles rendering speed and applied AA if the game settings allow for antialias.
* Increased the client side projectile precision (the higher your graphic level the more precise projectiles are allowed (at the cost of more cpu load), /lkc projectiles control that (a value from 0 (default) to 0.5 (least precise projectiles)) lagkiller also automatically control that value if no override is set.
* Optimised a bit the render when you are very very very far from the center of the galaxy (still pretty darn buggy if you are in the 500mil+ dist.ance due to floating precision loss, but the client should at least, not freeze anymore)
* Changed the Spearhead glowmap

* Fixed the Stella not facing the right direction.
* Fixed a bug with spaceobject clipping when your screen center was changed in skin.
* Reduced cpu / gpu load on the pre start configuration dialog (was running at an unlocked fps).
* Fixed a bug that caused the notification to not reset properly under certain scenarios.
* Fixed a lag that would happen if you do not preload resources and join in a galaxy containing a lot of different models.
* Fixed a bug with galaxy map tooltip remaining stuck in certain scenario.
* Fixed the Shrimp+ visage being backwards.
* New Kelvin Glow
* Fixed the Stella not being at the correct angle

Server side changes (r157)
* Added an experience bonus for exploring a galaxy (coming in at uni reset but wasn't marked for reset and I'd forget).
** Added a larger experience bonus for being the first person to explore a galaxy.
* Added info to blueprint stat string for items which don't get discount (displayed with a '*' after the name).
* Added juice generation information to the stat string for hulls.
* Fixed a bug where missions gave more XP than they shoud
* Super weapons will now be effected by negative damage buffs, so that they can't be used to get around situations where you are supposed to be doing reduced or zero damage (such as while the pvp death aura is in effect)
* New Team Skills that increase userbase and perma drone deployment limits
* New Team Skill that increases shield bank in owned galaxies.
* A message will now show in event upon leveling up, if you are gaining an extra skill point or gaining one less skill point upon leveling up, informing the player what level they have to get to to be at a "normal" skill point rate.
* The galaxy abandonment timer will now count up when a gal is owned, instead of reseting to full length. This should prevent the use of outposts to own large amounts of unconnected territory.
* Added separate logging to user bases for large trades (over 100m) so those will stick around in the logs longer
* Added friendly fire info to stat string on Envelopments
* Added vis information to weapons stat string

* Attempted fix at the issue with random aggro on bosses
* Fixed a bug where Radar augmenter stats didn't effect vision ability on ships
* Fixed a bug which caused ships to not get tweaking (AT, IT, EC) on Visibility augmenters and Tracking on bases.
* Fixed a typo in a war declaration error message
* Fixed the bug where scoops with extra stats didn't get them displayed in their stat strings
* Fixed a bug where the 30k solarbody/wormhole distance limit for deploying bases would overflow.
* Fixed a bug in the AI/slave targeting where it was calculate whether to shoot again too early, resulting in missing often.
* Made it so that AI/slaves who are thinking about trivially shooting at their target because they are "on top" of it, consider the turret position of their weapon rather than their center position
* Fixed an issue where AI/slaves scrutinized low DPE weapons too much causing them to not use them much.
* Attempt to fix sun sound in UZ
* Fixed a bug where multiple controlbots could get equipped.
* Fixed a bug where tractors could get stuck on (and possible a case where they could get stuck off)
* Added a hard coded limit to prevent stasis ships from using their tractors, even though the previous fix should keep that from happening.
* Fixed an issue where you'd get the wrong/not very informative error message when attempting BvB with no slots
* Fixed a bug where you could like teams/players who you were at war with/who are at war with you.
* Fixed a bug where you could apply critical hits to ships in stasis.
* Fixed a bug when a laser was fired from the inside of a large hitbox
* Fixed an issue where energy banks which produce waste said 'producing -1 x in their description'
* Fixed a bug where chain lasers would bounce off a ship in stasis
* Fixed the bug where Envelopments which should not take friendly fire took friendly fire
* Fixed a bug in sun damage.
* Fixed a bug where multiple ships in a gal would cause issues with stasis.
* Made some fixes to missile, mainly focused on MIRVs

* BVB score restriction lowered from 250 to 150.
* Updated a bunch of skill descriptions to be clearer on what they give (a lot of instances of radar being replaced with 'vision and detection').
* A few changes to how Critical Hit side effects work:
** Since Sniper class increased Critical Hit effect time, it now also increases the targets immunity time (whereas before it exceeded it)
** Additionally, the immunity can be effected by Critical hit resistance in the same manner (as well as duration).
** This does not mean a loss of DPS. You can do a critical hit during the targets immunity time, you just don't apply the side effect
* Changed the stat string for holoprojectors slightly for the time display
* Cleaned up the radar stat string for passive radars, saying they take 0 ping electricity (when they take it via item charging)
* Bases now have a much lower priority to shoot missiles and fighters.
* Bases will no longer warn when they are being tractored after being destroyed.
* Reduced the number of credit debris that appear when you go into stasis and your items take damage (more credits per debris)
* Made it so AI/slaves would only fire pulse guns if they are at least facing within 90 degrees of their target
* Made it so that AI/slaves will take their and their target's velocity into account for range checks when firing pulses.
* Changed the weapon selection code for AI/slaves so that they'll use weapons with better DPE at 25% energy bank instead of 75%
* Modified AI/slave weapon selection code so that if he's low on energy, a weapon that would hit an enemy that's not the intended target would be considered to be worth only 1/8 as much as a weapon that would hit the intended target. (Helps to prefer ethereal lasers if there is another guy in the way.) Still considers a weapon to be worth 1/2 as much if it's hitting another enemy if the AI/slave has plenty of energy, as is currently the case.
* Made it so that AI/slaves will consider their range to 90% of their weapons to give a bit of wiggle room.

Content changes (r155)
* Bunch of new drones.
* Given the Shrimp some inbuilts:
** Shrimp Multibay: A 4 slot, 0.24 launch time sticky fighter/missile launcher.
** Krill Fighter Device(+): Launches two Krill Fighters.
** Claw Missile Device(+): Launches two Claw Missiles.
* Added Rudimentary Multifiring Combat Controlbot
* Added glowmaps to 29 drones and credit debris

* Fixed the location of the drone in Copper 7 (has been fixed for a while on live)
* Fixed a bunch of typos in mission texts
* Made a new copy of the Volitile Diffusers spelled correctly. All Blueprints using them require the correctly spelled version.
* Fixed a typo in the player progression missions
* Fixed the difficulties on tech 20 skill missions so that they are colored appropriately, and give appropriate xp.
* Removed Stasis generators from the generic gear drop list.

* Removed the Pearly Gate from Space Blue Gamma Scouts
* Changed drops on all custom galaxy bosses which drop from the dungeon loot list to give more appropriate items (only instanced ones, rest at uni reset)
* Dropped the Un-Reformatter and drone to T17, slight nerf (due to the dropped tech).
* Tiny nerf to the Advanced Mining Drone.
* Increased the droprate of Very Dark Matter and Impossibly Dark Matter (uni reset).
* Made the Stronium Miner beam fatter
* Increased the drop rate of Prawn Pieces a bit, lowered their level (so they drop in lower DF DGs)
* Increased half-life on Dark Remains, Sputter Nutters and Space Boomerangs

PS: These'll get changed in a bit, I'll recheck them for anything else.

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