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Post Server & Client Patch - 26th June
Client Changes
*The TSL tab should no longer show up on userbases (where it can't be used anyways)
* Added a comma to the weight stat of items in tooltips
* Added the option to add an item to the trade bay from the right click menu while docked or from the station inventory.
* Added team skill descriptions to the client

Server Changes
* Added common tech 22 augmenters
* Gave Infernal Darkness ubers drop tables
* Added Chronos+ and Rhea+ Blueprints
* Added Traction, Aggravation, Fading, and Resistance augs as requirements to aug combo missions
* Added AI auto-use tags to the claw and krill device inbuilt items
* Fix for unique parasites.
* Fixed a bug preventing people from laying kits in unowned gals
* Fix for the certain sun auras being broken
* Made it so that if you use a superitem which launches fighters/missiles, it checks if you have all the required slots to launch them to stop you from wasting a charge/no slot event spam
* Gave the robot for the player progression missions a robot portrait
* Added static+dynamic XP reward information to mission descriptions instead of just saying 'Experience given'
* Fixed a bug where missions would tell you that you were rewarded 0 xp (those missions didn't give xp anyway).
* Fixed a typo in item stat strings 'Vulnerability from' to 'Vulnerability to'
* Beefed the Krill Fighter/Claw Missile
* Added One Dozen Roses Augmenter and Two Dozen Roses Augmenter and BP's
* Fixed a bug where lasers would not get range boosts from tweaks/aura

Discussion Topic

Hey, I'm Ryan! I've been playing Star Sonata since early 2005 and I've been involved with the development of the game since 2009. I do server and client programming mainly focusing on bug fixes, but I've also dabbled in creating a little bit of content too such as Captain Kidd.

Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:34 pm
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Post Re: Server & Client Patch - 26th June
-- Quick fix client only patch --
* fix for the freeze when docking to your own base.
* fix for the rare occurrence (hardware / os combination) where camera and particles would be extremely laggy even when the lagkiller was off and fps was high.

One of the first and proud flight controller.
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Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:45 pm
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