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Post Universe Reset (29th Jun, 13:00) Patch Notes
Apologies on the lateness. I forgot, got caught up fixing bugs and other things.

Client (r300)
* Added a button to hide the ui (defaults to h)

Server (r300)
* Fixed attached outpost not being attached (make a ticket if you have on deployed)
* Fixed outpost galaxy ownership.
* Fixed a few bugs with outpost deployment (reporting your team had a crazy amount of outposts and erroneous checks).
+ New L Class sun, replacing the old ray sun from client 1 (which have been A class since C2 release) - Some issue in that a lot of these are 0 size. This'll be fixed next patch, planet suitabilities will NOT be effected. Planet orbits will though.
+ New code for calculating planet temperatures based on sun temperature which makes a bit more sense than the old code
+ Improvements to the concentric type solarsystem (specific sun+planet formation within a galaxy).
* Fixed some issues with superitems where they'd spam your event chat if used fighters and you didn't have a target
+ Gave Juxtaposition, Concourse and Subspace short cut galaxies unique names.

Content (r300)
+ Spymaster's Lair base added in Staff Quarters. This base will have all the token exchange missions, the Spymaster's Quarters will have all of the dust exchange missions so there will be less confusing in exchanging these commodities.
+ Made some changes so Hive/Hawk/Roc/Delquad DG bosses drop appropriate loots
+ Fixed a bug in uni generation that caused some planets with low gravity to not have 3 or 4 attached station slots
+ Olympus Restructure - See info here: viewtopic.php?f=116&t=55787
+ Low level rebalance of various missions and low-game content areas.
* Improved some of the common mag-like physical weapons to be pulse-like, faster, and more dps.
* Removed the Reaver Laser (the inbuilt one) from the Reavers that AI pilot (players will still get their Reaver Laser inbuilt).

DG revamp - This is quite a lot, so giving it's own section - Blog post: ... thing-else
+ Complete DG Spawner rewrite - AI should be much better adjusted and drop much more appropriate loots now
+ Some DG bosses get simple boss scripts to make things a bit more interesting
+ Bunch of new DG AI (Hawk minions, Drops, Stellas, Scruples to name a few)
+ DG wormholes no longer take keys, they unlock when you kill 50% of the AI (same num as you needed keys for in previous universes).
+ When they're unlocked, their visage changes to a red wormhole with no white lock
+ Boss wormoles are much bigger and get cool lightning effects
+ Previous stage wormholes are now purple (to easily identify and not go the wrong way), they're also smaller. Next stage wormholes are bigger.

+ Subspace, Aveksaka and Alien Invasions! The universe will never be the same again.

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=56411

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Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:45 pm
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