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Server & Client Patch - 6th September
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Author:  Jey123456 [ Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Server & Client Patch - 6th September

* New model for the Mzungu Acolyte/Kikale Mzungu Frigate
* New Neurobind and Mod feature
* Scooping changes: Scoops are now activated by holding down 'C', they'll scoop a certain number of items per second as long as you hold C.

* Client will now flash its task bar icon when you receive a pm and the application is not in focus.
* Your current number of Space Points available on your account is now shown under avatar (take note that it can take up to a minute for it to update after you buy Space Points on the website)

* Fixed Pax Scutelogica being off-center in the character selection screen
* Fixed the Behemoth+ visage

* Added 1500 max shield to slaves for each level of remote control
* Added 2% per level resist all for slaves for each level of slave research
* Added 150 max shield to drones for each level of drone deployment
* Support for Space Points using items (Augmenter Retrieval Module and Ship Dry-dock Module)
* Aug Reset and Ship item forming item using SP (basically replacing the ticket system to pay for Augmenter Retrieval or Ship Dry-dock Module) are now available in game in free market ai base "Friedman" for 1 credits. Using it do not consume the item and will ask for confirmation before using the spacepoints.
* Galaxy wide prospecting scanners.

* Made Drone Deployment skill require piloting skill
* Split out the dual-functionality of the Sticky tag and added a new Ship-bound tag for items, additionally applied it to various items that needed it
* Bhisajayu had some stat changes.
* Missions will automatically complete if they can be completed when started. Repeatable missions completed this way will automatically reopen.
* Parasites decay while in stasis.

* Changed the outfit hull command to required you to be docked. Outfitting your ship will unequip any items of the same class that's given to you (eg: doing it to get a superitem will unequip your other non-sticky supers)
* Fix for drones/AI using weapons which heal the target instead of damaging it
* Prospecting Beams and DNA Extractors now properly display error messages in the client.
* Fixed the bug causing Subspace spawners to sometimes change to Zebucart Spawners.

* Added some basic gear to the station in Lyceum just in case bad stuff happens during a class reset
* Gave Faranji Wingships a new inbuilt (replacing the mag one)
* Gave Captain Kidd a few Prawn Piece drops
* Added some new items to dungeon loot
* New T21 daily mission, The Tidepool.
* Tractoring 21.
* New T21 Tractors.
* New T22 Fighter missions.
* New Capacitors and Diffusers that reduce reflectivity.
* New items that can be built with Eridium.

* Various changes to The Mausoleum, given normal DG/boss loot, increased chances of Mausoleum specific loot
* Re-added the Mini-Marinus Blueprint as a drop from Mausoleum
+ Updated UZ galaxies to use the automatic wormhole unlocking where appropriate, and made the spawners one time where appropriate (gals outside of the instances won't change till next uni, if appropriate).
* Updated the requirements on T21 skill and added a player progression (Tut bot in Sol) mission for T22 skills
* Blueprint update: Build times on most blueprints radically changed, following a general trend of a minimum build time of a few days if you have a really good prod.
* Set all the Lyceum factories (Sensors, Microchips and Augmenter Module commodities) intervals to 10 minutes
* Increased the Prawn Piece drop rate in DGs a tiny bit.
* Prospecting nodes now have a lifespan and will be reseeded when they die.

* Fixed an issue where DG Roc Minions dropped too many credits
* Fixed a typo in the pretender Shard missions
* Made some adjustments to the Auric Sector to inhibit slave spam
* Fixed Olympus mini bosses not dropping Unstable Shard Dusts
* Fixed a typo in the item name for the Mercury Condensers
* Fixed a bunch of typos in Augmenter Tweaking missions of Condenser spelt incorrectly.
* Fixed Qokujiii Qa'Ik visage being angled incorrectly
* Fixed Range Crystallizers Blueprint weighing 1.5b and costing 100m
* Fixed a bug with the MF Bigger Green and 4MF Slumberchrome Strontium missions
* Fixed DD22 drone stablizer factory being unusable

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