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Post Server & Client Patch 10/9/2013
* Added 2 new lkc command for the hardcore mcer / low performance pc
** /lkc renderres 0.5 (where 0.5 can be anything from 0 (fullqlty) to 0.9 (very very lowres)) This setting basically lower the resolution at which your gameview is rendered, but does not affect the gui
** /lkc renderfull 0.1 is more extreme than renderres, as it will affect the whole client (text will become very hard to read) but this produce much better gain when the gpu is the bottleneck
** those new settings are used automatically to reduce the load of clients that are not focused or completely covered by other window (multiclienting) this should fix the issue of clients having a delay when alt-tabbing (need background client rendering enabled)
* Lagkiller will also lower the resolution of the gameview slightly (this can give a great performance boost in some case, with very little ingame impact)
* (feature) Added a new button to the bottom bar "?" Which open to the player guide section of the website.
* Added back the space brake sound from C1

* (tweak) shipforming now display the ship hull name in the last confirmation window before using the spacepoints.
* (tweak) tooltip from the ship inventory, now only display for item you have selected (should reduce greatly the amount of "annoying" tooltip
* Improvements to the Autopilot Code
** Don't thrust in the wrong direction when starting out
** Don't wiggle back and forth
** Don't thrust all the time and lost speed bonus from afterburners or tractors and thrust as little as possible while stealthy
** Brake at the correct time, rather than braking early and pulsing the brake
** Use the break any time the ship is moving in the wrong direction, but not facing the right direction to thrust (as opposed to only braking at the very end)
** Don't stop on the last wormhole of the AP journey and then jump through. Instead, jump through and then stop -- it's faster.
** Don't try to end up exactly in the middle of the destination, rather suffer tolerance based on the ships jumping and docking radius
** Do reverse thrusting if the AP wants to stop somewhere and the ship is going to overshoot it
** Make the angle that the AP is "cutting in" in order to get on track be proportional to how far off it current is, rather than just either pointing 45 degrees in or straight at the target
* (lagkiller optimisation) added renderbg to the lagkiller which essentially lower the rendered resolution of backgrounds and large clouds (which are the main cause of gpu related lag on lower end hardware). There are a few camera related artefact going on when you are zoomed in too much, but they are minimal (lighting dim a bit on the cloud and what it cover).
** this optimisation took the spot between laglevel 1 and 4 pushing the full renderres effect from 5 to 12, since its pretty rare that rendering the ships them self at lower resolution help anything.

* fixed a long-standing bug in autopilot path that would refuse to traverse some specific galaxies.
* Improved client and server millisecond timer to be much more reliable over long duration, fixing the desync issue on asteroid and planets (i hope)
* Reduced the amount of "failsafe" network update now that sync should be fixed (planets / asteroid and the likes, currently caused quite a bit of network stress for lower quality isp / routers, especially while multiclienting).
* (bugfix) shipforming should now make the ship disappear from the docked list
* (bugfix/feature) fix for the random crash when using death tow (and possibility other galaxy change related crash, although much less likely).
* (bugfix) fixed tooltip issue when the galmap was close to the left side of screen
* Fixed a bug with engine thrust sound where it would sometimes stay on after you end AP or dock at a base
* Fixed a sound bug with fast firing projectiles where some of the ones that were getting inserted by the server to make the average RoF come out correct were having the wrong firing sound (e.g. Radish Torch)
* Fixed a bug where the Activate Controlbot option would only work if the ship was previously entered.

+ New Mod Angelic (reduced hostility and visibility)
+ New Mod Reinforced (reduced durability damage on death, and adds inertial dampening)
+ Shield Chargers can now be modded.
+ Hull Expanders can now be modded.
+ Tractors can now be modded.
* Shielded mod now also reduces hostility.
* Super Intelligent mod now also grants critical hit chance.
* Amorphous mod has been added to engines.
* Rewired mod has been added to engines (adds thrust, removes turning).
* Rewired mod also grants electric tempering.
* Composite mod now reduces weight by 50% up to a maximum of 500k reduction.
* Miniaturized mod now reduces item size based on tech level of the item.
* Buffered mod now applies to shields. (adds resist all)
+ Transdimensional Warp Devices
+ Added AI controlled Warp Beacons to Sol, Lyceum, The Nexus, Kumari and Iq' Bana
+ Missions to get Transdimensional Warp Devices added to Deep Space and Beta Antares
+ Added new commodity, Warpwnium, used in building Warp Beacons

* Changed the base price of Psion Icicles to 50k
* Moved some of the words in the swear filter from the "partial" to "whole" list
* (Feature change) Spaceshipping no longer completely destroy the ship, Instead all items onboard the ship have their durability lowered to 0 and the ship is towed to the nearest tow station.
** (Tweak) a ship or a slave can no longer spaceship if the player is in the same galaxy (including offline) this should drastically reduce the number of accidental spaceshipping.
** (note) an item will be created soon that will allow safe stasis ship destruction (to allow getting rid of ships that cant be sold). This item will essentially work like a timed bomb, once equipped on a ship, the ship will go in stasis, and will be destroyed x days later unless recovered. (this should prevent catastrophic destruction in case of someone evil taking over an account and willing to destroy every ships since the ship will not be destroyed right away)

* Fixed the warhead/mass impact bug (being sent to infinity (south east)).
* (crashfix) changed the network code to support a dynamic buffer size (from 128bytes to 128mb) instead of a static buffer (32kb), this should completely fix any buffer overrun possible with the network code (server crash when opening a sing sphere with too many items to only name one)
* Fixed a bug where you couldn't sell unequipped Augmenters to a station that vended them
* fix to prospecting node reseeding
* Fixed "Recharge Like Zeus" mission
* Fix for Zeus' Recharging Beam, now affects both ships and drones properly
* Fixed damaged items being able to be sold to bases via 'sell' button.
* Fixed Miniaturized mod to give the proper amount of space reduction

* New level names up to 10,000.
+ added some shiny new DG AI
+ added piracy drone missions (Strontium)
* added blueprints and droprates for new drones
+ added Looter drone to ai base for sale (Strontium)
+ added lance drone mk I to ai base (vervaardiger)
* Added three shiny new drones (T19-21) to dungeon drops

* Aliens levelling coefficients have been changed so aliens level at the proper speed.
* Alien roaming ranges have been fixed so they won't invade lower level leaves of subspace.
+ Subspace Tunnels have been added to reduce travel time in Subspace.
* Tweaked the ratios of dungeon drop categories
* Made the fighter bay on Mulligan's Zebu Titan be non-sticky, but of the same sub type as the ship so people can equip better fighter/missile bays on that ship if they wish.
* Ohm and Resistance have been slightly beefed (Resistance is a ship)
+ Removed Stasis Generators from galaxies that sold them and shouldn't
* Beefed most scoops so they have a faster scoops per second stat.
* Olympus Tractors are no longer Neurobound.
* Alien Invasion attacks are no longer contained to a single galaxy.
* Alien Invasion 'Outposts' are more dangerous.
* Changes to the Tractor 22 boss to ensure loot drops and mission completions.
* added fighter slots usage to their item description if its higher than 1 slot

* Fixed Subspace Daily "Sweep the Asteroid Field"
* Fixed Subspace Daily missions not requiring the commod given by the root mission.
* Subspace Daily mission fixes
* Rahnti DNA extraction fix

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Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:57 am
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Post Re: Server & Client Patch 10/9/2013
Please note that line starting by * are live with the patch and line starting by + require a new universe before going live (the code is live, but wont be useful until the content which require new universe go in).

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Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:42 am
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