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Post Server & Client Patch - 30th July
Forgive me for the uncleaned patchnotes. That will be rectified soon.

* Tweaked drops for Doc Goblin a bit.
* Fixed an issue where sometimes Wreckages in Hyperion would get flooded out by Asteroids
* Fixed the bug where /outfithull wouldn't give you two items if it should of done (Reaver+ fix)
* Tweaked the stat string for hulls so that it says '2 Reaver Laser' instead of 'Reaver Laser, Reaver Laser' for inbuilt items.
* Fixed a bug where f2p's could scan player ships/bases
* Made Tractors ignore their resting beam length if you are tractoring a debris (in other words, you can scoop with hitchhiker beams now).
* Added beam resting length to the tractor stat string"
* Beefed the Ohm Augmenter.
* Added a roaming James Watt
* Expanded the drop range of Prawn Pieces
* Added Sup. Augmenter Condensers
* Added a higher Eyerite Radar drop for DGs
* Fixed a bug where bases would do their alarm when using their shield xfer
* Reduced Pan's shield bank and increased his damage.
* Changed the frist stage of Hephaestus to not spam baby AI over time.
* Fixed the ambushers in Hermes first level
* Removed the Strikers from the Baby Cyclops
* Fixed the Rhea+ Augmenter Blueprint requring Cronos Augmenters
* Reworked the manhours on Augmenter Condensers
* Fixed bugs with the respawn times on the Olympus minis being too small
* Reduced the shield bank on the dungeon minion stellas, increased the boss versions resistance to physical
* Removed the requirement of the 'Specialization?' mission from training T21 Focus skills.
* Changed the Nightfury's Patience Augmenter to have -5% speed instead of -15%.
* Fixed most (mainly T22) radars having borked detection stats

Alien Invasion
* Aliens now properly drop lower tech augmenters.
* Alien invasion now properly save their attack timers.
* Fixed a bunch of misc. alien mission text errors.
* Added a force invasion admin option.
* Fuel asteroids added to subspace instance entrance galaxies.

* Slight changes to the reserve release formula.
* Slight changes to prospecting node seeding to increase randomness.
* Eridium nodes have 4x refill time.
* Changes to the web admin to better keep track of prospecting node refill.

* Moved warhead impacts to the new weapon effect system.
* A new T14 missile launcher will be available in Blue Photon Subspace Facility.
* Vortex Pellet requirements on Inertial Dampeners has been reduced.
* Field Research mission in Infernal Tempest has been slightly changed.

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