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Post Re: Remodel of the escape pod, 688 polygons only
Godsteel wrote:
Normal vector can be easily calculated if you have 3 vertices.
change origin of second and third vertices to the first one and calculate cross product. In other words Vn = (v1-v0)x(v2-v0). Its that easy. It's done automagically if you don't specify normal vectors in .obj file

Its so small that nobody would notice. If the objects were any larger, it would cause the cpu to tank I bet. You also answer the important part, having a vn value with the obj file isnt unecessary, it even helps speed up the process.

If only I knew why it gets a slight discoloration tho.


funny thing is it makes the polyfaces and texture looks cooler. Sort of rugged looking. Also, it dissappears when I sit ontop of the sun. So its shader related :?


Its really weird, its as if a 2nd shader is bugging out, because its handling reflections very well otherwise. Maybe its acting weird because its being fed a 3rd value, where its expecting just 2? I should try without the normals tbh

And no, its the same as with 3/vn included. I think it omits the vn value and insists on calculating them itself? Do all the models calculate the vn value? I hope it doesnt do so on the fly, because that might tank either the cpu, or gpu, depending on where the value is done.

vn is there to make an otherwise costly calculation, free. Its similar to using tables when doing maths in the 1700's. Maybe were on to the greatest bugfix in sonata history :mrgreen: (altho i doubt it)

ps: apparently it went away

Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:30 am
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