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Post Trenches Guide to Guerrilla Warfare
Ever iFind yourself in a war where against a much stronger team where conventional galaxy assaults arent working? If so then this guide is for you.

First Off Guerrilla warfare can be described as a small, mobile force using hit and run tactics against a much larger enemy. This has proven very effective from the samurai era Ninja to the Modern day Terrorist.

When war is declared and you find that your galaxies are underpowered the first thing to do is to improve defences. The defences should be sufficient to deter attackers of that your specific level range or at least stall them until reinforcements can come assist. Usually while defending in open space, a smaller force will get butchered by the larger one however within your galaxies if they are properly constructed you will be significantly harder to dislodge.

Now if you find that frontal assaults on galaxies is not going to your liking the alternative is simple. When attacking Guerrilla style you should use a relatively fast ship and be prepared to make an exit. The Easiest prey are travelling ShMs , Engineers. If you catch wind of their position move immediately to intercept them. If you can, conceal yourself with electron clouds on a large dark sun or inside an AI station. A strong cloak would also be recommended for this style of fighting.

When you are ready to commence the attack you should wait until they are within 300-500 distance from the next warp. Immediately tractor and circle them while shooting. High Damage weapons are the key here. You must finish them off quickly, and shoot the pod. Once it is done you must make your exit from the gal and procede to another target.

Destroying shop bases and or outpost bases are a good way to anger the team your at war with. Using a speedy low vis scout ship like a locution, scout the galaxy you wish to assault. When an ideal galaxy has been found (2-3 bases from that team 2-5 drones), Assemble your assault squadron. This should consist of At least One Zerker and Gunner to finish the bases quickly. An ShM should also accompany the group as well as a Speed Demon to intercept incoming players. Once the bases have been destroyed and the slaves as well exit the gal and move with all caution as players will be coming in to investigate.

After Several small scale attacks like this players morale will begin to drop as they lose their bases and such. It may also be a good idea to pay off some of the poorer members of the team(1/4 of the sum to start, 3/4 after the attack) for tips about attacks and such so you are ready to defend. You can also starve bases and then shoot them or cap them quickly by destroying rations slaves.

~if there is something i missed please post


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Post Re: Trenches Guide to Guerrilla Warfare
Che approves



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Post Re: Trenches Guide to Guerrilla Warfare
Pretty good guide, this is all common sense but still its nice to have it here on the forums.

also to consider are fast regen ships with sludgers.



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Post Re: Trenches Guide to Guerrilla Warfare


PaperTiger wrote:

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Post Re: Trenches Guide to Guerrilla Warfare
This is all presuming that the opposition is:

useless at PvP
Clueless as to know what to do when being attacked
Unable to build better-then-adonis bases
Don't use tweaks etc

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Post Re: Trenches Guide to Guerrilla Warfare
low levels obioulsy/obviously/obiously/whatever is correct.

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