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Post Ninjitsu in Space: The Subtle Art of Not playing Fair.
What are Envelopes you say? They are basically External shields which take damage for you, although when they take more then they can handle, they explode.


Envelopes are very effective Pieces of equipment, and are ALWAYS handy to keep around.

The BEST uses for Envelopes are,

#1 - You are Using Ethereal Drones, and you want them to take less damage, so you spam 5 envelopes OVER the drones so nothing can attack them.

#2 - You need to recharge your shields, and the enemy is wearing you away with their main weapons. So you quickly set a course for a Warp, or sit still, and spam 4-5 envelopes. The enemy is going to have to destroy the Envelopes FIRST and therefore give you precious seconds to recharge your shields.


Disruptor Drones and and Electron Clouds, are a players best and worst weapon.

They allow you to remain unseen, but also make everyone else hard to see to.

They are especially good if you are being chased by a PLAYER, who wants to kill you. In that case Disruptor Drones are whats happening, as the player wont be able to see jack shit for a few seconds.

But if its an AI, then i would suggest dispensing some Electron Clouds. Electron clouds turn an area that is stated on the package, lets say 200 (Your mileage may vary) into a dark zone, nothing can be seen by anything UNLESS it has a powerful radar.

There is a way to Bypass the Disruptor Drones effect, and i will be reporting it to the admins once im sure it absolutely works.


Last but not least, Diffusers.

Diffusers are the poor mans Resistances, they can turn a lumbering weak ship into a Tanking Master! But they come at the price of Credits, Electricity, Weight, and Cargo holds.

Diffusers are basically equipable resistances, if a diffuser says it gives you 50% resists to Heat, whenever a heat BULLET is fired at you, it takes away 50% of the damage.

Lets say someone fires a Fire Cannon at you, thats 5 bullets, and they do 20 damage each.

So 100 take away 50% is 50 damage.

Another cool thing is you can have TWO different types of Diffusers equiped that handle the same damage type, (You used to be able to use more, but some random HIGH LEVEL PLAYERS abused this, so now you low level guys cant make use of it, blame the Ubers... :lol: ) So you can have a 25% Diffuser, and a 34% Diffuser, and they will work in tandem.

You can have AS MANY diffusers as you want, aslong as they are of the same type.

Meaning, you can have 10 Volatile Energy Diffusers, 10 *** Energy Diffuser, and they will all work ONE BY ONE, meaning they wait inline for their turn.

This guide is nowhere from complete, but to be a Space Ninja, you need to know the tools at your disposal.

Soon, i hope to include some tips that are good for quickly killing another player, whilst making it almost impossible for them to see your name, and AVOIDING their teammates.

Peace, happy Pirating, this game sure does need more of it.

Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:43 am
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There is a way to Bypass the Disruptor Drones effect, and i will be reporting it to the admins once im sure it absolutely works.

Yes, it does. Did nobody ever report that?

"You can sit and bitch, and moan, and cry and complain. You can sit and tell others how poorly you think things are run, but in the end, you are less useful than the problem itself."
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Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:44 am
Team: Perfect Nation
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Alright, im going to report it to the Admins.

Thanks Longname.

Might aswell tell people how to do it since it doesnt involve hacking anything...

Fri Feb 01, 2008 9:15 am
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Yeah, it's just the cloud effect. The admins put it in an external file which you can delete. The game runs fine without these files and you won't get the cloud effect.

Easy way to fix this is to have the game verify all the files before it runs. Only problem with this is that you can't do any mods or the Radeon fix. (Which is to rename/delete the particle files).

Unless the admins put the cloud effect into RAM, there's not much they can do about it. And to be honest, in Client 2 it probably wont be a bunch of images swirling around anyway. :)

Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:29 am
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I deleted all my cloud and nebula auras long ago. Disrupter drones suck anyway. Main reason for this is that there are quite a few of these clouds in UZ. In the princess level my fps used to halve as soon as i warped with clouds on, kind of ridiculous. Stupid part is that when you spam too many, those without decent radar simply wont see them or anyone else. Those with good radar (hint hint seer) can see it, causing further lag. The system is fine as it is, just delete it.


Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:27 am
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