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Post A P2P Guide for slaving.
First of all, this guide is for p2p's, who are new to the world of slaving. Not anyone else in particular.

=Section 1: Explaining Slaves=

Slaves are those ships that follow you around, or preform tasks, like the slaves in the old days. Always, you'll be able to identify slaves, and their type by just looking at their names. CS means combat slave and TS means trade slave. There is also a name in parentheses at the end. That is the owner's name.
Here are some items you use on slaves:
+ Combat Controlbot [Bought in Free Market, makes your slaves Combat Slaves]
+ Controlbot [Bought anywhere, makes your slaves Trade Slaves]
+ Slave Stasis Gen [Allows your slave to go into stasis like you, and not go boom]
All of these will be explained in section 3, about arming your slaves.

=Section 2: Getting skills=

First of all, you need just [1] basic skill. This skill is Remote Control, or RC for short. This allows you to control slaves. The first place you should go to is Glass Matrix (GM) to get it. You need W1 to even get to there. Now, it is suggested you either can:

A. Kill a Space Blue Interceptor
B. Have a friend that can kill ones.

Space Blue ships like interceptors or alphas drop a commodity needed for rc called 'Blue Aether'. These things decay in 10 minutes (where they will dissappear) and you'll have to get another. Luckily, in Belm/Glass Matrix, there are actually a fair amount. The second thing is 3 skill points per level. You can train up to 4 levels there, so you need 3 levels to get the amount of skill points necessary. There are many more places to train, I suggest going to . Search for 'Remote Control', and there will be a table showing you where to train it, and what it costs other than skill points (the skill point rate stays constant). Also, you may not control slaves of a tech higher than your current RC level, and you must be able to use all of its equipment as if you were flying it. And one last thing, the max number of slaves controllable is equal to your RC level. The 'slots' one slave takes up is half of its tech, rounded up. For example, if you had a kelvin as a slave and RC3, it would be fine, but not a t7 ship, because it would be 4 slots and exceed it by one.

=Section 3: Arming Your Slaves=

This is probably the most important part, arming them. First your going to need a ship. I see most people using weaker ships than them to have more slaves quite often, and this is ok, and a nice strategy sometimes. There's only a few problems: the slaves are often too slow. If your slaves are too slow, and you get ambushed, what will you do? You want your slaves to keep a somewhat close distance, so I suggest they have the same speed or higher as you, if you think it will be dangerous. Another problem is that alot of small ships makes them hard to manage. Lets say that one of your slaves goes into stasis, and it drops something. Its hard to pick a slave out of a group that drops an item (usually).
Now, we need to pick all the basic equipment. I suggest something that recharges fast for energy, so it can handle most of the basic weapons without having to wait for energy to recharge, an engine that allows them to go to top speed pretty fast (to keep up!) and a shield that you would use yourself. As for weapons, this is sort of your choice. I personally use magcannon II's and squat lasers, but you can use other weapons. Weapons like lasers that are instantenous, and weapons like magcannons are good things, because then the enemy cannot escape the attacks by your slaves (unless it moves really fast).
All we need now is a Combat Controlbot. These things are like normal controlbots, but make it so your slave fights, not trades. You can find these in Free Market. Once you put these on your ship, double click it and it will dissappear. When you undock, it will appear and follow you around. If you click on it and press 'X' it will open a list of commands, and double click on one you want. For example, if you attack something, they wont attack by default, but with attack my target on they'll attack, without the enemy having to attack you first. And one last thing, if you don't want your slaves to go boom when they die, they sell slave stasis generators in copper. They cost alot though, so be sure to put them on the ships with the most expensive equipment if possible... One last note, the stasis gen level has to be equal to your ship's tech or it will fail.

Thanks for reading my guide, and I'll be sure to write a part about trade slaves later.


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