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Post Re: Guide for being a good Fleet Commander
Nice guide Q. I wondered how long before you mentioned its not worthwhile without large funds. I'm always amazed to see all these beginners attempt the hardest classes then wonder why they can't become remotely powerful. Money money money :wink:


Thu May 22, 2008 4:44 pm
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Post Re: Guide for being a good Fleet Commander
Nice quantum, i was wondering when you would post in there =D. I agree with you, fighters are impossible to use at higher lvl, im very close to their max potential (at least till they add some new fighters) And well, im only lvl 800 so.

I agree with most of your post in fact. some part i cant talk because im not here yet, so thing like electricity arent a problem yet, but its easy to believe, no t20 augs is painfull :P.

And well, as strange as it may feel for many people, its true, fleet commander suck in mass battle lol. but really bad. Its about impossible to keep all the aggro on you when there are multiple target. even worse when enemy join mid fight. Using a decoy slave is the best solution i could come up with, small helga with high regen shield take the 2 - 3 first shot so i have the time to pull his aggro). I hope the new fleet commander content will come up before i switch to combat slave user, i would love staying a fighter user a little longer lol.

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Thu May 22, 2008 7:59 pm
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Post Re: Guide for being a good Fleet Commander
Well all I can say is there is no cheap fleet master setup that's any good. Probably the cheapest (expensive, as in not VERY VERY VERY expensive) yet still very effective solution would be to use Parsley slaves. They are better then wardens I can tell you that right now. Just read my guide and come up with a decent fit.

Here's a thing though, from my experience. To solo over DF200 DGs effectively with minimal losses your fit needs to be around 100bil (slaves only). This is not a joke btw, you can be as good of a pilot as possible without top-end gear you will not be cutting it, simple as.

However it's probably the most fun class you can play. That is of course after anger management issues are resolved. At first you may need to invest in a few spare mice and keyboards. I kept some pencils on the desk and snapped those in half every time I got the "S0948 Qu4NtuM entering statis" without "GG20 saved by crazy glue".

Was enough for me. Besides the sound kinda reminded me of the sound a dev's neck would make... anyway, I also play EvE, you learn patience fairly quick there.

On a sidenote though. Things have gotten alot better over the few months I was gone. HAL seems to have fixed most of the bugs and from what I gather the remaining ones are becoming smaller.

A little birdy also told me that Jeff himself was a big fan of the slave idea. So things will get better, just a matter of time. But they are only human with limited resources so don't hold your breath just yet. I just hope someone takes the cost/effectiveness into consideration.

A very quick and easy fix to slaves sucking would probably be an electric tempering bonus so that even without access to t20 augs one can still make decent setups that can power for more then 3-4 shots. A 2% elec tempering per lvl on slaves would increase their effectiveness by about 100%, not sure devs would like that however.

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