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Post Re: Seer Guide
lonedragon09 wrote:
This may be hard for a seer hull wise, or a little tedious with the ways im thinking of, but couldn't you carry a OS6/telendo OL and a OS5 (If thats the damage one). This way you can switch between the two.

It's way easier to simply specialize. Jack of all trades is a master of none. In this case, you lose 55-100 hull space trying to cover both sides of the coin. For a class that normally get 400-500 hull in their Hermes ship, that's a pretty big deal.

Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:53 pm
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Post Re: Seer Guide
-X- summed it up nicely - 100% crit rate when visible (or at least 70%+), at least some bonus to crit damage, and a rof aug, and you'll have a good DPS setup, no matter what augs really. Use a ranged weapon, and perhaps a speed shield, and a seer can solo a consinderable bunch of DG AIs with a DPS setup that isn't based on one-hitting. This goes for both T20 and T21. The biggest issue is weapons available, that will allow you to either kite, or out-range your enemy. If you try to tank while soloing, you're screwed. The alternatives to tanking are either dodging projectiles, out-ranging, kiting, or one-hitting.

In a DG of 8 AIs, one-hitting is a true test of patience, and really slow. It's a fun challenge for a while, but to me grows boring pretty quickly. That leaves dodging, out-ranging and kiting, which can be done with a long-range weapon, perhaps some +range from an aug, and a speed shield. For that, you need DPS so it won't take ages, and you get your DPS from rof (the CaP aug suggested is an excellent choice), high visible crit hit rate, and some +crit damage that can multiply with the +crit dam from you class skill.

Since seers don't rely on +ROF like SDs, or MFing like berserkers, their damage bonus is very energy efficient. You can add some +rof to your setup without having to add massive elec regen. A yallow will take you far, and CaP gives both high RoF and some +elec.

As for <T20... It could be fun to try a 2 reaver, 2 arson Locution. Squishy as hell, but some basic stats that gives a decent range bonus for out-ranging, plenty of thrust for dodging, speed for kiting, and both dam, crit hit rate/damage, and some much needed +hull space. Requires you to abuse the TSL, but so what? Looking closer, you could also try 2 reaver, Heracles, KoQuii' Vazuk (t13, -vis/+rof), with a venu mag. Should be enough range and DPS to successfully kill DG AIs, as long as energy damage isn't totally useless vs your opponents. If not VMag, then you should be able to kill the same AIs as SDs manage to kill with Jiji, Sweeny's or Emp Ray.

Also, on overloaders... The Seer Accurator is _still_ a very useful OL for seers.

All in all, The Church gives good advice when he says it's easier to specialize. The seer will perform much better if he has one ship for one-hitting, and one for DPS. Hybrids are a more realistic option once you have T21 available, but even then you'll perform much better if specialized.

On Reaver aug - I performed the entire mission chain in a panther with 4 ship mastery 20 augs, as seer, including the EFBSs. Range is your friend!

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Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:24 am
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