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Post Missions - Extended Tutorial
I know that this was already partially covered in the original tutorial, but that one didn't really go into depth about it.

Well hey there!

You seem just a little bit lost Cadet. So you’ve learned the principles of the game, but don’t know what to do now? Well the answer is Missions! Oh yes my friend, there are plenty of Agents out there in space, unwilling or unable to complete a variety of tasks, who will handsomely pay you to do the hard work for them instead.

You can find missions at certain AI bases throughout the universe. They can be identified by the different Mission indicators as following;


From left to right: Mission available | Mission in progress | mission complete.

When you first start out, you’ll notice an AI base named ‘Earth Training Outpost’ nearby in the galaxy, with the ‘Mission available’ indicator.

To find out more about the mission, you have to dock at the base. When you dock, you’ll be greeted with the Space Station box with the General tab selected. On the lower half of the box, under Station Concourse, you will see the missions available at that station. You’ll also see it tells you the status of the mission, the agent and the Title of the mission.


The status of the mission aligns with the Mission indicators we talked about before. Available means that the mission is open, should you choose to accept it. In Progress means you’ve started the mission, but haven’t yet completed all of the tasks the Agent required of you. Completed means you’ve done everything the Agent required and now all you have to do is report back to claim your fabulous rewards.

The Agent is the ‘being’ that requires your assistance, some Agent’s are less… friendly then others, but most will happily give you an in-depth description of the task at hand before sending you on your way. The Title of the mission usually gives you a bit of an insight into what it’s going to be about.

As you can see in the Space Station we’re docked at, there is a mission available for you. To find out exactly what the mission is about, and to accept it, double click anywhere on that mission’s log. A new window will pop up in the top right of your screen; the man in the picture is the agent you’re currently talking to. It’s important, especially when you’re starting out, to read all of the information the Agent gives you.


At the bottom of the mission window’s description, you can see several items listed after asterisks’ (*). These are the rewards you will receive on completing the mission. Just below that is a summary of the mission described, just so you completely understand what the task is you need to do.

Once you’ve read everything and understand the mission, hit the Accept button. The status of the mission, you’ll now notice, has changed to ‘In Progress’. You can now undock and complete the requirements of the mission.

In certain missions, the ‘Complete’ Mission indicator will show above Objects, AI Ships and AI Bases. This is to help you identify the target you have to pursue to complete the mission.


When you complete a task that’s required by a mission, a small message will pop up confirming that you’ve succeeded in your goal. When you complete all the tasks required for a mission, an extra message will also pop up, telling you to report back to the AI station.


As you head back to the station, you’ll notice that the Mission indicator has changed once again, this time to the ‘Complete’ Mission indicator. Dock once more at the AI station, the status of the mission will also be ‘Complete’ now. Double click on the mission log to open the mission again. It will show you that you’ve completed everything required for the mission. Hit the ‘Finish’ button, to claim your reward and get a short debrief.

Some Missions are part of a ‘chain’ of missions. Once you complete the first mission, another will appear for you to do. I think you get the idea, I’ll leave to complete missions in your own time now.


Wait up, before you go! There are a few things you should be careful of, as a new mission seeker.

The first is your Hull space, you’ll find that as you go, your hull will fill up with many treasures and rewards, but you aren’t able to complete a mission if you don’t have the hull space to store the rewards.

The second is different mission colors, the mission you just completed with me showed up as Green in the Station Concourse. That means it was the ideal difficulty for a pilot of your experience. Different missions are better suited to more or less experienced players. The colors are as follows:

Grey - Way beneath your skill level
White – Slightly beneath your skill level
Green – Perfect for your skill level
Purple – Slightly above your skill level
Red – Way above your skill level

\\double check the above is correct please


However just because a mission is rated to be above or below your skill level, doesn’t mean that you can’t start that mission, or even complete it. Sometimes it can be well worth it, as a higher rated mission will pay out more xp, whereas a lower rated mission will pay out less xp.

The next thing you must be careful of is Missions that finish in a different station to the one it starts. Sometimes you’ll find you have to travel to a different galaxy to find the AI station that allows you to complete the mission. Usually these sorts of missions will let you know in the description where you have to go. (An example of this would be a delivery mission where your task is to take an item from point A to point B.)

Perhaps, for some reason, you can’t complete a mission when the Mission indicator tells you that it’s ‘Complete’, check Event chat. If there’s an issue, event chat usually comes up with an error message telling you what you need to do to fix it.

If you’ve forgotten the details of the mission you’re carrying out, you can always go back to the ai base you started the mission to re-read the Summery of the mission. Alternatively, you can find all you’re ‘In Progress’ and ‘Complete’ missions and their requirements by opening your Mission log by either pressing ‘M’ or opening the Character window and selecting the Missions tab.


Also in the Missions tab you can Activate, Inactivate or Abort missions you’ve started. A mission with the (Inactive) tag next to it means that the mission won’t show Quest helpers (the complete indicator over targets for that mission, mission related Event chat messages) for that particular mission.

Sick of getting annoying Mission reminds for a task you’re not trying to finish right now? Just select the mission and click the Deactivate button. In the same way to activate an Inactive mission just select it and click Activate.

Tired of a Mission that you know you’ll never finish? Just select the mission and click the Abort button.

There are many great missions out there to guide you throughout your career, so get flying Cadet!


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